Can a dog rescue be profitable?

Can a dog rescue be profitable?

Chihuahua training

It is not only about whether the animals eat well or have veterinary care, which seems to be the basics to determine if an animal is “well cared for”, but it is about the origin of these living beings, the indirect consequences and the problems that come with being considered a simple “object of value”.

We will start by explaining what a real rescue center is: it is a place where a wild animal is received in order to get it used to return to its natural habitat. In addition, secondarily, it aims to educate, divulge, research and take action to reduce the exploitation of animals and their habitat.

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Most dogs need regular grooming to keep their coats in good condition. But with many pet owners leading busy lives, mobile grooming services that make it as convenient as possible are becoming increasingly popular.

The start-up costs for a mobile dog grooming business can be quite high. You’ll need to invest in the right van or trailer that has all the necessary equipment, such as a power generator, water, a washing space, a sink and a table.

You will need to maintain your vehicle, pay for insurance and keep your equipment up to date. Since you’ll be doing a lot of driving, it’s also worth considering using a fuel card to save some money when filling up. Fuel cards are a credit card that companies can use exclusively to pay for gas; they often offer a discount and allow you to have a better view of your fuel expenses.

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The person in charge of the illegal Chihuahua breeding farm speaks out.

As we have already pointed out, they are financed through the ‘contributions’ made by individuals who agree to adopt or sponsor them, but also through important economic amounts, mainly as consideration for the development of the service of capture, transfer, retention and maintenance of animals in the different municipalities of our country. However, as part of their corporate social responsibility strategy, many companies choose to collaborate with these associations through succulent donations.

Most of the shelters and kennels are constituted as non-profit associations. However, others go a little further and set themselves up as foundations, which translates into significant tax benefits. Donations, gifts and contributions of money, goods or rights to foundations under the special tax regime, including contributions as foundational endowment, are tax deductible for the donors.

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Why do they want to charge me to adopt? Why don’t they want to give me the animal I like? Why don’t they take care of my dog if I can’t? We answer all your questions about animal shelters.

Working in an animal shelter is, sometimes, one of the most misunderstood and undervalued social work (although the animals always compensate with their gratitude). And when we talk about work, we are referring to that which is done on a voluntary basis or with remuneration, generally scarce.

Complaints are constantly appearing on social networks about different animal shelters with the formulas: “They don’t want to take in this dog/cat and I can no longer keep it”, “They didn’t want to give me a dog/cat for adoption”, “They want to charge me X euros for adopting, so I’m doing them a favor”, etc.

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The animal shelters that are lucky enough to receive a subsidy are very few. In fact, 80% of the animal protection organizations in Catalonia do not receive any subsidy. In addition to being very few, the amount received is also absolutely insufficient to maintain all the animals they have and that they collect on a daily basis.