How do you commission a painting?

How do you commission a painting?

Cinematographic frame

Each frame is printed on high definition plotters with ECO solvent inks for exceptional sharpness, contrast and fade resistance. The print is made directly on CANVAS, which provides its very personal weave and is mounted on Eucalyptus wood FRAMES, which are staked and treated to remain straight over time.

Selecting the best frame for your space is not a simple task. It is not the same if you want pictures to hang above your bed, or for a wall in your living room or a space in your staircase. Nor is it the same if your wall is white, pink or blue. There is an ideal picture for your space and we provide you with tools to help you find it.

In short, when you make your purchase keep in mind that your colors may vary, if you are a professional and do not want this to happen, please write us and we will send you a professional access to make your purchase. Your purchase is divided in two parts, at the end we print variants with different calibrations of your photo and we print it so you can select which is the closest color scheme to the one in your photo. Once selected we print your painting using that color scheme. The price is $1500 per painting.

How to describe a work of art

Paintings specialist. A senior university-level specialist who has the functions of planning and controlling the various activities related to the selection, promotion, training, and care of management personnel and their reserves in a production or service entity.

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A cadre, or more properly speaking a management cadre, is defined as the staff members who have administrative or technical management responsibilities in any entity. The term cadre reserve is applied to personnel, especially young people, who have the prospect of being promoted to management positions and therefore require special training and treatment.

The cadre specialist must master the characteristics, functions and projections of the entity in which he/she works. He/she must have good qualities of personal relations for dealing with managers and other workers.

The Job Qualifier of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security establishes the main jobs performed by a Cadre Specialist. These functions are summarized below, with some clarifications for clarity:

What does it mean to be a painter

We produce personalized paintings, commissioned works made from photographs or from our database of famous painters. We copy oil on canvas, all details exactly: brushstrokes, colors and textures; in portraits, landscapes, personal photos and paintings that are not available in the store.

Our custom canvases are not printed, but are 100% hand painted, oil on canvas. The works are made by expert copy painters of our team. We deliver the canvases with a white border of approximately 7 cm. So that they are well prepared to be mounted on a stretcher frame and/or framed, if desired.

What it means to be in frame in a video

It is very important for any company or business to know what is happening in real time. Having this global and real vision facilitates decision making, allowing the company to stay ahead of the competition, act quickly in the face of incidents, detect market trends and focus on the customer.

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Using a scorecard to monitor all company parameters and have a real picture of what is happening inside and outside the company is the ideal tool for executives and managers. With the scorecard you will know what is the health of the company and its evolution from a general point of view.

A Balanced Scorecard (BSC) is a business management tool used to measure the situation and evolution of a company from an overall perspective. The scorecard provides a series of numerical and graphical indicators (control, financial, stock, and other areas of the company) that offer a general, objective and real-time vision that helps managers to make decisions.