What does a Maryland delegate do?

What does a Maryland delegate do?

Types of Delegates

The forerunner of the Maryland General Assembly was the colonial institution, a legislature called the Assembly of Free Marylanders (and also the Maryland Council). Maryland’s founding charter created a state governed by the Earl Palatine, Lord Baltimore. As ruler, Lord Baltimore directly owned all lands granted in the charter and possessed absolute authority over his domain.

Beginning in 1867, the Assembly became increasingly unrepresentative. As Baltimore’s population increased, neither it nor other urban areas were granted additional seats. By 1918, the city’s population had increased by 175%, while the entire state gained only 46% without reallocation of political power.[4] The city’s population increased by 175%, while the state as a whole gained only 46% without reallocation of political power.[4

A bill is a proposal to change, repeal, or add to existing state law. A House bill (HB) is one that is introduced in the House of Delegates (e.g., HB 6);[6] and a Senate bill (SB), in the Senate.

What is the name of the senator from massachusetts?

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POLICY. Daniel L. Cox (R-Frederick), who is running for governor, holds up a copy of the Declaration of Independence at a protest in favor of reopening Maryland at the start of the pandemic. | By: Jonathan Newton / The Washington Post.

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Delegate Daniel L. Cox, a conservative Republican lawmaker from Frederick County and a staunch supporter of former President Donald Trump, announced Sunday night that he is running for governor of Maryland.

His entry into the race is likely to expose fissures within the Republican Party that have developed nationally between members of the party establishment and Trump supporters.


In the United States we have the tremendous freedom to be able to express ourselves and participate in government without fear of attack or threat.    I also know that the process sounds complicated – but the truth is that in America we all have the power to impact change.

I also presented the MD Health Connection, the organization responsible for the Maryland Health Insurance Marketplace.    They presented on the increase in Latino enrollment during 2019, which was proudly a collaboration between many groups to bring this valuable information to our community.


Daniel Carroll was part of a distinguished Maryland family of Irish descent. Charles Carroll of Carrollton, a signer of the Declaration of Independence, led a collateral branch. John Carroll, Daniel’s older brother, was the first Catholic archbishop in the United States.

Carroll did not arrive at the Constitutional Convention until July 9 but thereafter attended fairly regularly. He gave approximately 20 speeches during the debates and served on the Committee on Postponed Matters. Returning to Maryland after the Convention, he advocated ratification of the construction, but was not a delegate to the state convention.

McHenry served on Washington’s staff until 1780 when he joined that of the Marquis de Lafayette, and there he remained until he entered the Maryland Senate (1781-86). For a time during this period he simultaneously participated in the Continental Congress (1783-86). In 1784 he married Margaret Allison Caldwell.

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In 1782 Mercer was elected to the Virginia House of Delegates. That December he became one of Virginia’s representatives to the Continental Congress. He then returned to the House of Representatives in 1785-86.