What is an Industrial Commission?

What is an Industrial Commission?


The Commission may revoke, amend or confirm such decisions. The Commission reviews the decisions of the State Insurance Fund Corporation when appealed, to determine whether they are in accordance with the Act. They are separate agencies, with different functions.

Any party who disagrees with the decision of the State Insurance Fund Corporation may file, in its own right or through counsel, a written appeal to the Industrial Commission within thirty (30) days after being notified of the decision. The right is an absolute one, although once this term has expired, the right to appeal is lost. There are several reasons why an injured worker may appeal to the Commission against a decision of the State Insurance Fund Corporation. These are the most common:

– When the Fund determines that the injured worker is not entitled to compensation for failure to seek medical treatment within the five (5) working day period prescribed by law after the accident occurred, unless the delay is satisfactorily explained.

Committee on Trade and Industrial Development

The accelerated international deployment of new technologies, together with the absence of industrial and technological policies, could lead to an increase in the gaps in access and use of urban connectivity that currently exist among the various segments and groups of the population in LAC. This requires an analysis of the regional industry’s response to changes in the demand for and supply of connectivity.

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The new policy paradigm for sustainable development is embedded in collaborative and competition-based policy instruments, whose instrumental expression corresponds to industrial policies with social objectives and normative character. In other words, industrial policy is an essential component of any sustainable development policy. It must guide the processes of innovation and technology diffusion, as well as productive diversification, in the sense of promoting employment, and decoupling growth from the emission of polluting gases and the predatory use of natural resources. The energy transition, electromobility and digital transformation are areas that require a regional industrial policy approach.


2018 Leyes de Puerto RicoTítulo 11 – Compensaciones a ObrerosCapítulo 1 – Compensación por Accidentes del Trabajo§ 8. Organización del Servicio de Compensaciones a Obreros; Administrador del Fondo del Seguro del Estado; Comisión Industrial

Descargo de responsabilidad: Estos códigos pueden no ser la versión más reciente. Es posible que Puerto Rico tenga información más actualizada o precisa. No ofrecemos ninguna garantía sobre la exactitud, integridad o adecuación de la información contenida en este sitio o de la información enlazada en el sitio del Estado. Por favor, consulte las fuentes oficiales.

Economic Commission – July 10, 2019

The Consultative Commission on Industrial Change (known by its French acronym CCMI, Commission consultative des mutations industrielles) examines the changes occurring in industry in a wide range of sectors, keeping pace with their evolution and addressing them in accordance with the values of the European economic and social model.

The CCMI succeeded the Consultative Committee of the ECSC (European Coal and Steel Community) when this organization came to an end on July 23, 2002. It was created as a distinct body within the EESC and its competences extend to all sectors, both manufacturing industry and services.

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