Who regulates gas stations in Oklahoma?

Who regulates gas stations in Oklahoma?

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In December 2016 the government of Nicolás Maduro delivered as backing 100% of the shares of Citgo to receive loans distributed 49.9% to the Russian company Rosneft and 50.1% to the bondholders of the PDVSA2020 bonds in the month of October which was as a pressure measure to guarantee the payment of the debt, without the request and approval of the IV Legislature of the National Assembly of Venezuela.[2][3][3]

Citgo is currently administered as of January 2019 by the IV Legislature of the Venezuelan National Assembly presided by Juan Guaidó, in October 2019 the company Crystalex judicially obtains the authorization to seize CITGO for the outstanding debt dating back to 2007 but the US Treasury Department intervened to prevent creditors from initiating the seizure. [4] With the economist José Ramón Pocaterra Esparza being appointed president of the board of directors in January 2021, CITGO is going through a financial crisis compromised with a mortgage with the Russian company Rosneft, with holders of PDVSA Bonds and a lawsuit against the assets by CRYSTALEX, a Canadian company that seeks to recover outstanding debts of the national government. [5] Its Ad-Hoc President Horacio Medina informed that Citgo in February 2021 faces debts for US$ 4,000 million and several lawsuits such as the case of Crystalex which is owed for its expropriated assets in Venezuela. 6]

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Washington-based Costco captured the most foot traffic per station of any brand in 2019 – more than four times the industry average with a score of 4.24. It was close, however, as Kentucky-based Thorntons followed with a score of 3.87 and Buc-ee’s with a score of 3.77.

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GasBuddy, the travel and navigation app that is used by more American drivers to save money on gas, has issued its 2019 Top Gas Station Brands in the U.S. report, revealing which gas station convenience store brands offer the best experience based on more than 94 million consumer visits and 8.3 million ratings submitted through the GasBuddy app.

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In both cases, for Brent or WTI, we speak of a barrel of oil, but evidently oil is no longer transferred into barrels. The word barrel has remained as a unit of measurement, equivalent to 42 American gallons, or 159 liters. By the way: the price of both is expressed in US dollars.

There are several types of crude oil worldwide, but the four that mainly serve as reference prices are Brent, WTI, Dubai and the OPEC basket. However, Brent is used as a benchmark for crude oil prices in European markets.

WTI is the oil extracted in Texas and Oklahoma, in the United States. The quality of this crude is superior to that of Brent, in that it is sweeter and lighter, making it even easier to refine into fuel. Despite this, the price of a barrel of WTI does not necessarily have to be higher than that of Brent and, in fact, it is usually the other way around. The reason is that the price is determined by other factors beyond its quality as a crude oil, such as the euro-dollar exchange rate or the situation in OPEC countries.

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It’s not that there is an impending shortage of crude oil or gasoline. Rather, the problem is tanker drivers who are needed to deliver fuel to stations in short supply.

“We’ve been dealing with driver shortages for a while, but the pandemic took that problem and metastasized it,” said Ryan Streblow, NTTC executive vice president. “It’s certainly grown exponentially.”

Not just any truck driver is allowed to drive a tanker. It requires special certification, including a commercial driver’s license, and weeks of training after being hired. And while these positions are more attractive than some long-haul trucking jobs that can keep drivers away from home for days or weeks at a time, it’s hard, arduous work.

Jeff Lenard, spokesman for the National Association of Convenience Stores, said his members are very concerned about what the driver shortage will mean for their deliveries, especially with gasoline demand already at 97% of where it was at this point in 2019.