Why is my attorney not fighting for me?

Why is my attorney not fighting for me?

Why I decided to study law yahoo

The police officers in charge of the case instructed witnesses on how to testify to the lies that would support McMillian’s conviction and even recorded those lessons. In the recording, one of the witnesses can be heard saying. “so you want me to pin murder on an innocent person…I don’t feel good about that.”

This threat did not remain simply words. The policemen arrested the witness and took him to death row for a week, until he agreed to testify. Other witnesses received money in exchange for their testimony.

The 10 commandments of the lawyer eduardo couture pdf

Among his female referents he highlights the women in his family. “My two grandmothers, who emigrated and fought hard for their families, and my mother, who has shown me on a daily basis that we women have to be independent,” she says without any hesitation. “I grew up in a family with a lot of equality between my mother and father in work and family life. We should have the same possibilities.”

Her other great reference, of course, is U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. The work of this “civil rights heroine,” as The New Yorker describes her, who has dedicated – and dedicates – her life to fighting for equality, inspires her “because of her ability to use the law to bring about social change and a better world for all. Like her, Waisman seeks to put her finger on the patriarchal sore spot through concrete cases with which to create jurisprudence.

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Faced with the titanic challenge of shaking the dust off the world of law and letting in fresh, renewed air, Waisman lists three main points: “The first step is to recognize that we all have prejudices and stereotypes, and judges are people who go to certain schools, have family beliefs… Recognizing that one has a prejudice helps us not to apply that prejudice,” she explains.

Why choose a career in law

– I knew from a very young age that I wanted to be a lawyer for women’s rights. I grew up in a home with equally strong parents, but I saw a lot of sexism outside my home from others. I felt I could go into the legal system and fight that kind of sexism as a lawyer in San Francisco.

– It’s important for us to recognize marginalization and discrimination in all areas so that we can combat it. It’s even human nature for us to try to relate to other people’s pain. But the experiences of marginalization faced by women and people of color are not identical to those faced by LGBTQ+ people, in general.

We can all learn to fight discrimination from each other, and we all deserve to learn about each other’s lives and experiences learned from each other, but learning about them and fighting for them does not mean we share them.

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It is very important to hire the best lawyer possible. The consequences of a criminal arrest or conviction happen immediately and have the potential to be very serious. The potential consequences depend on the type of crime.    Even a minor crime can result in: bail, jail time, probation, driver’s license suspension, and community service.

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The consequence that perhaps gives the most concern is the immigration issue. Many people ask me, “If I plead guilty or if I am convicted of the crime, am I going to be deported?” Trotter Law’s attorney will work with you, in consultation with immigration counsel if necessary, to protect your rights and help you avoid bad immigration consequences.

Attempting to find answers to these types of questions by searching the internet or asking friends and family is likely to yield inaccurate information. There are a variety of laws that directly affect people facing criminal charges. These laws can be confusing, especially to a person with little or no experience in the criminal justice system. Lack of understanding can lead to confusion, fear and anxiety.

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