Do elves sleep LOTR?

Do elves sleep LOTR?

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (Trailer)

How long can elves go without sleeping?user68762The elves sleep, not only in The Hobbit, but also in LoTR and The Silmarillion , but it seems that they can go much longer than, for example, the dwarves. When Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli were chasing the orcs to rescue the kidnapped Merry and Pippin, Gimli had to explain to Legolas why they had to rest:

‘And yet even I, the Dwarf of many journeys, and not the least hardy of my people, cannot run to Isengard without a pause,’ said Gimli. ‘My heart burns me too, and I would have started sooner; but now I must rest a little to run better. And if we rest, the blind night is the time to do it.

The night grew colder and colder. Aragorn and Gimli slept at times, and whenever they awoke they saw Legolas standing beside them, or walking to and fro, singing softly to himself in his own tongue, and as he sang the white stars opened in the hard black vault above. Thus passed the night.

Gandalf’s best lines in ‘The Lord of the Rings’.

Courtesy of Warner Bros Chile, we have at the disposal of the readers of this joint the most awaited contest by all: you will have the chance to attend the 3D premiere to be held on December 11 in Santiago for the next film that will return to the Middle Earth of JRR Tolkien in what will be the adaptation of ‘The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey’ to be directed by Peter Jackson. Not only that, you can also participate for official merchandising, including hats, jockeys, T-shirts, badges, bookmarks and posters.

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To participate you simply have to answer one question: What is your favorite race or creature from the world of ‘The Hobbit’ and why, be it the oliphant-surfing elves, the tough dwarves, the man-eaters of Rohan or the good-natured hobbits?

You have plenty to choose from and elaborate on to participate. The entries will be decided the week before the show, that is to say: you can only participate until Friday, December 7.

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Despite the incident, the first stages of the crossing of the mines are smooth and uneventful, and Gandalf, who had been in the mines before, manages to find his way through the labyrinth of the mines. However, Frodo begins to hear footsteps in the distance chasing the Fellowship, but he cannot tell whether they are his imagination or whether he really hears them. On the third day of the journey, shortly after sadly discovering the grave of the DwarfBalin, who had tried to reclaim Moria, the Fellowship is attacked by a group of Orcs and Trolls commanded by none other than a Balrog, the same one who was awakened by the Dwarves for his digging and the same one who ended the rich kingdom that became Moria.

The Fellowship passes the pillars of Argonath and arrives at Nen Hithoel disembarking in Parth Galen after ten days of navigation from Lothórien. In Parth Galen, already close to Mordor, the members of the Fellowship discuss which path they should follow, whether they should go to Minas Tirith, in Gondor; or go directly to the Land of Shadow. Finally, they agree that it should be decided by the Ring-bearer, so they leave Frodo a couple of hours to think it over. Frodo walks away from the group and sits in a clearing to think. It is not long before Boromir approaches him and advises him to give the Ring to the kingdom of Gondor to use against Sauron, but when Frodo refuses, Boromir is furious and prepares to attack Frodo, at which point Frodo puts on the ring and escapes unseen. Boromir stumbles and lies down, which makes him come to his senses and realize what he has done. Repentant, he calls out to Frodo in vain.

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The easy part. I started the month very badly, getting several lots of old Warhammer miniatures (and some not so good bargains such as a Mydas the Mixed), a total of 68 miniatures bought (all metal, all Warhammer… some VERY old like the Slann with crocodiles). On the other hand, 82 miniatures have left (sold or given away), that I won’t have to paint, so just taking into account incoming and outgoing miniatures, I already have 14 less miniatures to paint in my showcases.

And as I had threatened, I got the urge and painted all these vehicles. All the starter of the Directorate for Firestorm Planetfall: a Desolator (the mega-tank), 3 Retaliator (the tanks with a not so big tank look), 5 buggies (cool), 2 Trojan (a “specialist tank”, I have no idea what it is) and an Intruder (I think it’s an APC). To get an idea, in 40k it would be the equivalent of a Baneblade, three Leman Russ, five Landspeeders (no buggies), two… two… I don’t know what the Trojan is, let’s say two Whirlwind, and a Rhino.