How much is a sneaker con table?

How much is a sneaker con table?

Fraudulent facebook pages

All this should be written in a correct and coherent way in an online store. In fraudulent websites, these sections (Privacy Policy, Contact, Terms and Conditions of Service, etc.) are filled out very poorly and although the information is available on the web, it is not consistent because it is sometimes a plagiarism of other online stores and refer to other products, regulations, etc..

There are a series of indications regarding the visual aspect of an online store that will lead us to verify that it is a fake store, since cybercriminals use it today in many of the fraudulent pages they put into circulation. We must pay close attention to details such as the following:

As a general rule, whenever we enter or provide personal and financial data on a website, it should have a digital certificate, which indicates which page you are on (who you are sending the data to) and allows the data to be sent encrypted so that no one can intercept it.

Fraudulent companies on the Internet

I would not buy in an online store if… Among the biggest fears we have when buying online, is to be victims of fraud, that is to say, that the store where we buy is playing a trick on us. They will keep our money and personal information, and we with the helplessness of not being able to claim or not being of the most established practices in today’s society, is to make purchases online, but often we still have the fly behind the ear, as we have a number of doubts, such as:

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The data of the real company, address, town, CIF/NIF etc. are not there. If you have to claim to someone, you must know to whom you have to make the claim. The pages that only have an email to contact do not provide sufficient guarantee.

We are asked for personal and financial data to make the payment, in pages without digital certificate. If when you are going to enter your personal or credit card data from a page you verify that it does not have a digital certificate, so that they do not guarantee the security of the communication, nor to whom the payment information is being sent, do not buy in that store.


“With so many people shopping online and comparing offers, scammers use many tactics to get people to take notice of their phantom products,” Gillian Guy, chief executive of Citizens Advice, tells the BBC.

“The most sophisticated scammers are constantly looking for new strategies to convince us to cough up our money, and one of them is through fake or non-existent products or services,” said Gareth Shaw, the organization’s financial journalist.

Phantom product scams are just one part of Internet fraud, online shoppers but it is advisable to avoid paying through bank transfer and if it is done, investigate well before who the buyer is and what we are buying.

I made a deposit to a routine account and was scammed.

The scam starts as follows. The scammers take advantage of the confusion of the elderly and the seal of guarantee of the teleshopping program. They offer a series of products linked to the image of this program and then send others. Once the salesperson has contacted the buyer, by telephone, and they have agreed on the price, they send the package home. Always through the same courier agency, located in Seville, and which charges on delivery of the package, without allowing the customer to check inside.

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They convinced me again. They told me they would pay. And I fell for it again, for the third time. In total, 150 euros. It’s just that if you don’t pay, they threaten to take the money out of your account. I opened the third box and threw the shoes into the aisle. I started to cry.