Is it weird to dress up for Comic-Con?

Is it weird to dress up for Comic-Con?

Cosplayers characteristics

Not all cosplayers have a seamstress to help them make the costumes, so they put themselves “hands to work”, the result is satisfactory, but in their hands are the traces of cuts, silicone burns and also many sleepless nights.

Cosplay is not an activity practiced exclusively by women, but also by men. Although in the country the presence of male cosplayers is less than in the United States or Japan, there are boys who have stood out for their costumes and characterization of characters.

For him, one of the most important aspects is the positive reaction of people when they see him in costume, as this motivates him to continue. Although Felipe has participated in cosplay contests and has won some prizes, he accepts that this part is not so important for him. “I almost always do it for my own pleasure and not to win something.”

We are just a few weeks away from Comic Con, a place where there will surely be cosplayers everywhere and who, despite only going as attendees, are one of the main attractions. The costumes of these artists are made with so much effort and dedication, that you will want to take more than one picture with them.

Crossplay costume

The term cosplay originates from a contraction of costume and play, usually used as a short word to replace the original term, costume play. A person who practices cosplay is called a cosplayer.

The most attractive cosplayers are the most photographed and usually surround themselves with fans, who follow them to every event they attend; and go on to become “Idols”. These cosplayers become professionals in a certain way; but many times they violate copyrights by charging money in the events where they are invited and without paying royalties for the use of the image and / or brand of a character to the creator or company.

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The transcendence of cosplaying around the world is reflected much more in young people considered as generation Y, or millennials. Young people who seek to find a more globalized identity without focusing on a single lifestyle; therefore, there are cosplayers who can be considered rockers, graphic artists, DJ’s, etc.

Male to female cosplay

In addition to surprises and new content, those who visited the Convention were able to enjoy a variety of activities: panels with national and international guests on the Main Stage, conferences, workshops and presentations in the Auditorium, meet&greet activities and photo opportunities. More than 150 booths, including the main film and TV studios, different samples and exhibitions, interactive experiences, gaming area, Cosplay, the Artist Alley where the main professional comic artists, both national and international, exhibit and sell, and a wide gastronomic proposal.

Why people cosplay

Cosplay. You know, the fashion of dressing up as a specific character or adopting an aesthetic very influenced by it. The fact is that the Comic Con has been filled with fans of many video games that have not hesitated for a moment to dress up as their heroes. But of course, going from 3D to the real world is a very hard thing that can end up with devastating results.

Of course, there is also room for real masters in this disguise thing. Don’t tell me that the Master Chief from ‘Halo’, the homage to ‘Left 4 Dead’ or the Big Sister don’t deserve a lot of applause, what cracks.