What are the charr based on?

What are the charr based on?

Races of gw2

The charr are a race of large, wild, feline creatures that occupy much of eastern Tyria. They have renounced all gods they believe to be false and instead view life, from the magic of combat, with a harsh and cynical gaze. Their culture has become a military state where they rise as warriors from birth.

The charr have a set of strong semi-retractable claws on their lower limbs that help them to hold on better in any kind of terrain, and non-retractable claws on their upper limbs that they often use as tools for general labor, or also as temporary weapons to fight as a last resort.

Cubs are born fully furred, with open eyes and functional limbs. In just a few days, the cubs can follow their mothers, even in the most difficult terrain. They feed on meat within a month of birth, and are fully independent a few months later.

The Charr have a strictly military culture and society, technology and its applications are focused on supporting warfare. Society is built around the military units of which the Charr have been a part since childhood. Non-military tasks, such as farming or trade, may be left to the young, retired, and wounded, but no matter a charr’s vocation, they are always seen and treated as soldiers and see life as a soldier. Weakness and stupidity of individuals are viewed with contempt, some of those acts may result in a charr becoming a gladius, or in the worst case, being excluded from the history of the charr race.

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What is done in the charrería

Mexican charrería was declared Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity on December 1 by UNES-CO, for being “a means of transmitting important social values to new generations” and for being an important element of Mexican identity. Charre-ría, Mexico’s national sport, is based on the custom of performing suertes on horseback dressed in charro costume, in addition to being a traditional practice of communities dedicated to raising and herding cattle on horseback. The Mexican Embassy in Austria took steps before the Austrian authorities to obtain that country’s support for Mexico’s aspiration to have charreria inscribed on the list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Charr society

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Eventually, the city, or what was left of it, came under the leadership of Aaron Griffin, who had managed to become a leader among the city’s survivors. He and his band continued to harvest fuel, despite the condition the world was in.

Taking the fuel and returning to the tower, Delta returned only to find that Queen Myrrah and her royal guard were attacking the tower. Delta fought his way through the Locust invaders, but was unable to save any of the survivors other than Griffin. After retrieving Dizzy, Delta was verbally assaulted by Griffin, who was now enraged, and blamed the death of his people. Marcus, who had had enough, yelled at Griffin and sent him to hell. Taking a cable car, Griffin promised they would fix it another time before flipping them the bird and disappearing into town.