What are the elements you expect from the horror or suspense genre?

What are the elements you expect from the horror or suspense genre?

What elements a horror story can contain

Writing a book is not an easy task. There are many factors that must be taken into account when carrying out this project, starting with the most obvious: a burst of inspiration that leads us to occupy miles and miles of blank pages. The next step is to make sense of these pages in a set that, as a result, of our work, which will end up in the hands of a multitude of readers.

A good first step to start this project is to decide what kind of work you want to write. A collection of poems, an essay, a novel… this may seem simple, but the action of choosing does not end there. Which genre should we choose? If we write verse, will it be sonnets, odes, romances, elegies…? And if we opt for prose? Well, in this range we will have to think about whether to write an epic, a horror story or a thriller.

If your thing is cases with numerous twists and turns, where the good guys end up being bad guys, where you can hardly trust anyone and the plot never ends as you expect, don’t think twice: thrillers are your thing! However, it is always better to be clear about a series of concepts before you start typing (or take your pencil or pen for a walk).

What does the suspenseful reading characteristic allow in the writings?

The technique of suspense is essential when narrating a story because it is what allows the reader or listener to remain connected to the intrigue, not wanting to be separated from the story until the denouement that gives meaning to everything he has read, seen or heard.

What are the characteristics of the suspense genre?

Characteristics of the genre. Suspense can be defined by the atmosphere it exhibits: excitement, which gives rise to the genre’s name in English. It is characterized by a fast pace, frequent action and with resourceful heroes who must foil plans of more powerful and better equipped (villains).

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What elements make up the story?

The structure of the story is composed of three parts: introduction, development or knot and denouement. Through the introduction, the author presents the situation that will shape the events of the story through the intervention of the characters.

What elements can a horror story have? – brainly

For example, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (which I am re-reading in English) Rowling builds the mystery by putting elements that would seem inconsequential to the story in front of the reader.

In this case it happens with Scabbers, Ron Weasley’s rat who is constantly mentioned, especially because Chrocksanks, Hermione Granger’s cat, wants to eat him and, in addition, the magical artifact that alerts the presence of the enemy always rotates when Ron, and Scabbers, are with Harry. The relationship of these two, of the cat and the mouse, is essential in the book because, as I’m sure many of you know, Scabbers ends up playing an essential role in the development of the story.

There are different types of suspense and each one will be determined by the way in which the focalizer delivers the information and, above all, by the “knowledge” that the reader or the character has of that information.

There are authors who know how to handle this resource enormously well and have taken it to its limits. Think of Stephen King and his most terrifying stories, or H. P. Lovecraft whose science fiction novels are full of mystery and suspense.

What is the technique of suspense?

The technique of literary suspense, similar in many ways to cinematic suspense, is based on transmitting to the reader a sense of imminence through an appropriate atmosphere, a millimetric arrangement of clues and a mastery of narrative time to postpone the resolution of the threat as much as possible.

What are the ways in which an author can build suspense?

To create suspense, a certain amount of time must elapse between the appearance of the threat or danger and its resolution. As the root of the word says, it is necessary to “suspend” the denouement so that emotions can appear and be felt in the reader’s mind.

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What are the characteristics of drama?

Characteristics. It is a genre intended to be performed publicly in front of an audience, so it encompasses all theatrical manifestations. What happens in the play is neither described nor narrated, nor commented directly by the playwright, but seen by the spectator.

The couple next door

Writer Ignacio Ferrando (Trubia, Asturias, 1972) takes over from Mariana Torres as the School’s teacher of the month. In this first entry of May, Ferrando, director of the Master of Narrative, tells us how to create tension in a story, essential to capture the reader’s attention. And, as always, from this entry he proposes the rules for the Escuela de Escritores / El Asombrario writing contest in May.

For a text to work and for us to be able to captivate and create interest in the reader, we need to create a certain narrative tension. Contrary to what it may seem, this narrative tension is not only present in the most commercial works, but in any literary text. Basically all narrative tension strategies are based on generating questions and postponing the answers, which encourages the reader in a continuous advance through the text, in his need to “want to know”. It is very simple. Imagine Stevenson’s Treasure Island, for example. Much of the narrative tension of this text is based on the question: will Jim Hawkins succeed in finding the treasure? The reader wants to reach the end of the text to see if this is so. There are also other questions that fuel this progression.

What are the characteristics of a romantic story?

As for its structure, it is composed of a presentation, development and denouement. The romantic novel has particular nuances in this genre, since it narrates about very precise facts: love, death (as two sides of the same coin) and the feeling of loss and abandonment in front of the world.

What are suspense characters like?

They are characters whose development never interested the author since his interest was oriented towards the investigation of a crime and its resolution. These characters embodied perfection in the world of investigation, as does, for example, Sherlock Holmes.

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What does Trillers mean?

The concept is used with reference to the literary or cinematographic genre that is based on the generation of suspense (expectation or curiosity full of anxiety on the part of the reader/spectator to know what will happen next in the plot). …

The Gypsy Bride (La novia gita

Without surprising in the originality of the actions that lead to scare the viewers, the film directed by Albert Pintó goes far beyond what a lover of the genre expects to find in a film classified as “horror”. Without going overboard with visceral or extreme graphic violence, the story keeps you in constant tension, fear and anguish thanks to the technical realization effects, lighting, very localized shots and an exquisite sound effect. Each of these elements, together with the period setting and the uncertainty of discovering the veracity of the events that unfold in this house, are what provoke the terror of the unknown.

Impeccable performances by the cast, especially Concha Velasco, who fits perfectly with her role in this film. As a whole, they all create an atmosphere of fear, which is transmitted directly to the viewer who manages to convey that feeling of uneasiness and nervousness before the number of unexpected actions that occur from the beginning of the film.