What is a performance convention?

What is an agreement?

This type of agreement is appropriate when the parties express mutual interest in the joint development of several activities in the field of R&D&I (including training activities). They are mere declarations of intent of general content or expressing the will to collaborate.

This type of contract includes consultancy activities, sample analysis, development of R&D activities on request, etc., in which a researcher, research team or university service is contracted to provide a service to an external organization, obtaining in exchange a payment for the work carried out.

What is an agreement between individuals?

An agreement is an agreement between two or more parties on a particular matter. Generally, it includes clauses or regulations that the parties involved declare to be aware of and to enforce. … An agreement between a debtor and its creditor to avoid or renegotiate a bankruptcy filing is also known as a covenant.

What is a cooperation agreement?

Technical cooperation agreements are nothing more than special agreements by virtue of which a national, international or foreign entity provides goods, services or resources, without economic consideration by the State, for the design or implementation of development plans, programs or projects.

What is an agreement?

An agreement is an agreement of wills between two or more persons or institutions.

Model agreements

The Collective Bargaining Agreements negotiated by the Actors and Actresses Union establish working conditions and salaries for actors and actresses in the performing arts and audiovisual sector. Compliance with the agreements is binding and mandatory for all contracts within our sector.

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Along with the Workers’ Statute, we have this Royal Decree as a basic rule, which contains some minimum elements of labor relations between actors/actresses and production companies. It is a very brief but important legal document, if you have any questions please contact us.

What is an agreement and what are its characteristics?

An agreement is a pact or agreement of wills between two or more parties regarding a certain subject matter. This agreement can be reached verbally or in writing without requiring a legal framework. … Therefore, any agreement that is not subject to law can be considered a covenant.

What is a collaboration agreement in Colombia?

Business collaboration agreements are commercial contracts used in Colombia in both the private and public sectors, so that those who sign them can join efforts, resources and experiences to enable them to undertake projects, activities or undertakings that may be of interest to the company or its employees.

How does an agreement come into being?

The collective bargaining agreement is the result of the agreement reached between the representatives of the workers and employers. As established in Article 3 of the Workers’ Statute, the collective bargaining agreement is one of the sources of the labor relationship. There are different classifications of collective bargaining agreements.

Agreement or convention

The central government, together with the governments of Castilla y León and the Basque Country, as well as representatives of the municipalities through the FEMP and the AMAC, have signed this document that reflects the express commitment of the different administrations to work together in the elaboration of this Just Transition Agreement.

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The Secretary of State for Energy has highlighted the importance of this consensus: “We are the first country in the world to include the municipalities affected by nuclear power plant closures in the Just Transition zones. The Agreement will help us to optimize the numerous opportunities that the energy and ecological transition can mean for this area. Today we are opening an important avenue of collaboration with all the Administrations so that, together, we can achieve the best results in this process for the people and companies in these areas”.

The first phase in the preparation of the agreements is to delimit the geographical area of action. Two criteria are applied: the first is that of proximity to the plant, which includes municipalities within a radius of 10 kilometers and towns that, although they are further away, suffer direct impacts on their tax revenues or impacts on employment or on the income of their citizens.

What is a payment agreement?

A payment agreement or payment arrangement is a document by which creditor and debtor reach an agreement to settle a debt. … The purpose of the payment agreement is to establish new conditions that facilitate payment to the debtor.

What is the relevance of an agreement?

The spirit of the agreements is to improve and recognize workers’ rights and, thus, to evolve towards fairer labor relations for the parties. In the event of disputes between employees and employers, the agreements clearly establish how to resolve them.

What is a covenant in law?

– Agreement is the agreement of two or more persons to create, transfer, modify or extinguish obligations. Article 1793. – The agreements that produce or transfer obligations and rights, take the name of contracts. Article 1794.

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Difference between treaty and international convention

Scope of application 2. Protocol for the processing of treaties: phases 2.1 Initiative 2.2 Content of the proposal and processing 2.3 Approval and signature 2.4 Filing, registration and publication 2.5 Denunciation of treaties Report justifying the need and opportunity for the conclusion of the agreement, signed by the PROPONENT (form 1 for framework agreements). (form 1 for specific agreements).

The Agreements Office will review the agreement proposal, and after receiving the mandatory reports, if there are no defects of form or substance, will send the proposer a notice indicating that the file will be submitted for approval, if applicable, at the next Governing Council meeting.

Once the above documentation has been received, the Agreements Office shall notify the counterpart of the denunciation, after checking the appropriate data, and shall send a copy of the notification to the proposer.