What is Kudasai?

What is Kudasai?

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First of all we place the product we want to order (in this example it is tenpura), followed by the particle を (‘o’), and finally the word kudasai or onegaishimasu. As you can see, for the example sentence, the two expressions are interchangeable.

Many people ask me if kudasai and onegaishimasu mean exactly the same thing and if you can always use one or the other interchangeably. As we saw in the previous example, in terms of meaning we could say that it is the same, with the peculiarity that onegaishimasu sounds a bit more formal.

* When the TE form of a verb + kudasai is used, a soft (non-imperative) request is created. This structure is established as grammatical usage and cannot be interchanged with “書いててお願いします” (kaite onegaimashimasu)。

So much for today’s post, I hope it was clear to you what are the main differences in usage between kudasai and onegaishimasu. If you have any questions or want to leave us a comment on the post, we will be as always happy to read you!

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To declare your special feelings for someone, you can say:「好きです。付き合ってください。」(Suki des. Tsuki atte kudasai)translated as, “I love you. Come out with me, please.” It can also say「愛してる」 (aishiteru) “I love you,” but be careful not to overuse it. In Japan, love is shown more with gestures than words. 「好 き」 (suki) expresses “affection and attachment,” 「恋」 (koi), in turn, expresses “passionate love,” what you feel at the beginning of a relationship. On the other hand, 「愛」 (ai) defines “deep love,” that which we devote time to build over time. In the middle, there is 「恋愛」 (ren ai) that marks the transition from the state of 「恋」 (passion or passionate love) to the state of 「愛」 (love).

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「好 き」 (suki) ・ 「恋」 (koi) ・ 「愛」 (ai) ・ 「恋愛」 (ren ai). You certainly wonder: why do the Japanese have four different words for love? It is simply because each of them expresses a different situation of love.

First, suki (好 き). This can be used “lighter” than the other three. It expresses more affection than love in the literal sense and is very similar to “like” in English. For this reason, it can be used with friends and between couples.

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There is a Japanese word that is closely aligned with the practices of the Lean Kata methodology.  This describes the long-term goal orientation that exists within the Japanese culture: ganbarimasu.

The expression ganbarimasu, 頑張ります, is often translated as “to do one’s best.” The first character that makes up the word is 頑 which means “stubbornly” or “firmly” and the second character 張 which means “to stretch, to extend”. In other words, the meaning would be something like “to stretch and extend to the maximum my big-headedness towards the target”.

The word ganbarimasu is at the origin of the expression ganbatte kudasai, which means “do your best”. Its most literal translation would be “be stubborn and steadfast until you achieve what you set out to do”. This expression is widely used in sports to encourage each other and also in the Japanese business world when facing new challenges.

The philosophy of ganbarimasu is to never stop until a goal has been achieved. The Lean Kata methodology is based on the same principles. That is to say, the orientation to work with long term objectives, leading us towards the challenge we have set ourselves.

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