Are private landlords cheaper?

Are private landlords cheaper?

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Autor: Redacción 30 March 2020, 12:48 Many private companies such as investment funds, socimis and banks have announced different initiatives to help tenants affected by the coronavirus crisis, from the suspension of rent payment and its subsequent prorated payment in several monthly installments to forgiveness. Large municipalities have also joined this type of rent moratoriums, which have arrived even before the approval of specific measures by the Government.

However, this option is only available if the tenant has not already obtained a voluntary agreement between both parties. We summarize what kind of contingency plans were already in place and under what conditions:

Also joining these individual solutions are Aliseda and Anticipa, the ‘servicers’ controlled by the American giant, which are committed to providing flexibility to tenants and helping them in these complicated times, especially those who are socially vulnerable.

Are private landlords cheaper? del momento

Legal advice and mediation between the lessor and lessee will be offered during the term of the lease. This service is free of charge for both the landlord and the tenant.

Housing applicants will have to have a maximum income of 2.5 times the IPREM, to access a rental housing program, but will be prioritized mediations in hiring for those with incomes less than 1.5 times the IPREM. In any case, the applicant of the service will be able to access housing with a maximum price of 35% of their annual or monthly income, with the exception of the Program of Support for integration through housing for families and persons with difficulties in accessing rental housing.

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Are private landlords cheaper? online

However, the prices provided by Fomento on rents are cheaper than those offered by real estate portals, such as Fotocasa or Idealista, for two main reasons. The first is that these private entities collect the offer prices of the owners and not the amount for which the contract is finally closed, which is sometimes negotiated downwards. The second is that the data from the portals offer information on the market situation for someone who is willing to rent at that moment, while the data on deposits collect the prices of ongoing contracts, which may be lower.

Are private landlords cheaper? en línea

The Cuban Ministry of Tourism (MINTUR), as the designated lead agency, is currently promoting training at the municipal level for private sector workers involved in the leasing of housing, rooms and spaces for tourist lodging.

They are also informed of the actions to be implemented by the MINTUR for the attention and control of the activity, such as working meetings in which aspects related to contracting with travel agencies, compliance with contracts and payment behavior will be addressed.

These meetings, in which personnel from the MINTUR’s training centers will participate, will be held quarterly from now on, so that lessors receive training on lodging and gastronomic services.

They are also conceived as a vehicle of information on the situation of tourism in the territory and its prospects, the legislations that in relation to its activity are issued by the authorized authorities, and the identification of the difficulties that affect the development of these activities in the territory.

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