Do I still have to pay my caravan site fees?

Do I still have to pay my caravan site fees?

Calculate car sales tax

If your thing is to travel at your own pace in a caravan, either arriving at a specific campsite or moving aimlessly from one place to another, surely you know that, in addition to having a good insurance for caravans, the b96 permit is essential. And if you don’t know it, we’ll tell you about it.

The b96 license is a permit to drive a trailer of more than 750 kg, provided that the vehicle to which it is hitched and the trailer do not exceed 4,250 kg together. Therefore, this license is not exclusive for caravans, although it is the one you must obtain to drive a caravan.

The first thing you need to obtain the b96 license is a B license, which allows you to drive cars and vehicles up to 3500 kg MMA. Once you have it, you will need to take the corresponding tests that give access to the license for caravans and other types of trailers.

This license is essential whether you use fixed caravans in camping sites or if you are a nomad who prefers to travel from one place to another. If you do not have the b96 license, you will not be able to hitch the caravan to move it, as its weight exceeds that authorized for trailers only with the passenger car license (750 kg).

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What do you pay to own a caravan?

Caravans, being trailers, and not having an engine, are included among low-emission vehicles and are exempt from registration tax, you only have to pay the registration fee, which in 2017 was €96.80.

How much does it cost to transfer a caravan?


How is a motorhome taxed?

However, in April 2013 a resolution came into force regarding the concept of Vehicle Tax on Motor Vehicles (IVTM). In this resolution, motorhomes are no longer taxed by MMA like trucks, but by fiscal power. This is how the tax should be calculated in all municipalities.

Property transfer tax car

Not long ago I sold my caravan. If you follow me you will know

What taxes are paid when buying a used motorhome?

Buying a second hand motorhome

Transfer tax (expense if the purchase is made between private individuals) ranges between 4% and 8% depending on the Autonomous Community.

How much is the transfer of a car worth?

How much it costs to transfer a car: final price

1,5 % of the total value of the vehicle.

How much is a car transfer worth?

The cost of the consensual declaration of transfer before a civil officer is $6,740, to which must be added the cost of the transfer of used vehicles, which includes the certificate, of $27,540. In addition, a sales tax must be paid, which corresponds to 1.5% of the sale value of the vehicle.

Minimum price of the tax vehicle

If we are clear on this issue, we move forward. It goes without saying that if we speak French or German we have a long way to go. Speaking English in Germany we have no communication problems, but in France it will be more complicated.

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As a plan B we can also subcontract a company here to manage the purchase, processing and transport of the chosen motorhome and we avoid all the headaches. It has a higher cost but you minimize the risks. In Leioa Berri Karabaning we can make these arrangements if you need it.

All sellers accept a certain amount of bargaining, without going overboard. Particularly individuals are usually susceptible to be offended and will immediately deny us the sale if we try to be too smart. Once the price has been agreed upon, the most complicated part of importing the motorhome begins.

It is necessary to foresee the transport. Either we hire a professional to bring the vehicle to us or we contract a special insurance to be able to circulate with the motorhome to our place of destination.

How much do I pay for the transfer of vehicles?

By law, all transfers of used vehicles are subject to a tax of 1.5% of the sales price agreed between buyer and seller. It is important to note

How to sell a used caravan?

On the Internet there are portals for second hand advertisements, milanuncio

On the Internet there are portals for second hand advertisements, milanuncio

DNI, ITV, vehicle registration, application and payment of the tax. When asked who pays for the change of name, it is generally the person who acquired the vehicle.

Calculate property transfer tax in catalonia

If the caravan is second hand and the sale and purchase is between private individuals, a tax will be charged, calculated on the sale and purchase value, which depends on each Autonomous Community. In Madrid it is 4% of the purchase price between private individuals.

The IVTM, Tax for vehicles of mechanical traction, or as it is commonly known “numerito” is the tax that all those people who have a vehicle of mechanical traction pay to their town hall annually. This tax depends on the characteristics of the vehicle and each municipality.

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IMPORTANT if a trailer has a load capacity of less than 750kg does not have to pay IVMT, this is not that the trailer is of a MMA greater or less than 750kg, if not that the load capacity of the same, (Difference between the TARE and the MMA) is greater than 750kg.

Good afternoon, I am studying the acquisition of a caravan, and I have a question, that so far no one has been able to answer, I have in my charge a person with reduced mobility and I would like to know if I can apply for the reduced VAT of 4% on the purchase of a new cv. I belong to the CA of Andalusia but I can not find information about it. Can I apply for it or is it only in force for vehicles.