How do I get my QDRO money?

How do I get my QDRO money?

How to take money out of the retirement fund

Community property also includes all income that either spouse or domestic partner (or both) earned during the marriage and anything that was purchased with that income. You can generally tell if an asset is community property by determining the source of the money that was used to purchase it. If the money to make the purchase was earned during the marriage or domestic partnership, the property belongs to the community.

Community property includes all financial obligations (debts) accrued during your marriage or domestic partnership. This is true even if the debt was incurred by only 1 person, or even if the credit card was in the name of only 1 spouse or domestic partner.

You may have more community property than you realize. For example, you may not know that if your spouse or domestic partner has a pension plan, you are entitled to some of the money in that plan if any of the money was earned during your marriage or domestic partnership. You may also have more community debt than you realize. Your spouse or domestic partner may have acquired debt on your behalf without your knowledge. If the debt was incurred during the marriage or domestic partnership, it also belongs to you.


Once the application is complete, the application process takes up to 90 days to approve or reject.    An application is considered complete when all requested documents have been received.

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All pension checks are mailed 1 or 2 days before the first day of the month. If you have direct deposit, the benefit check will be credited to your account on the first business day of the month. If you did not receive the check by the 10th of the month, contact the SEIU Benefit Fund office for reissuance.

Your employer may not have made contributions to this pension fund.    You should contact your local union or employer to confirm whether you were required to make contributions to the National Industry Pension Fund.    If you have obtained confirmation, send all supporting documentation to the Fund along with a written request for the purpose of investigating your eligibility for benefits.

Unless otherwise indicated, Federal law requires that all pensions for married participants be paid as a 50% spousal pension. Therefore, before your application can be processed, you must provide all requested information.

How can I take money out of my Social Security

They include pensions, deferred compensation accounts, 401(k) plans, individual retirement accounts (IRAs) and other retirement savings plans. Visit for more information on pensions or other types of retirement benefits. You’ll find a retirement guide created for women going through divorce at

It depends on whether contributions to the account were made before or after the date of marriage. Contributions made before the marriage are considered the separate or separate property of the spouse who made them. Contributions made during the marriage are community property of both spouses, regardless of the name on the account or which spouse contributed through employment. Some retirement accounts are comprised of both ownership classifications: separate and community.

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It depends on the type of retirement. Most retirement savings plans (such as 401(k) plans) can be divided in divorce regardless of the length of the marriage. For these types of plans, the court is not required to divide the retirement account evenly between the spouses. Pensions, spousal social security benefits and military retirement have different eligibility rules and dates when you are entitled to receive the funds.


No. Washington is a “no fault” divorce state. It is not necessary to prove that one spouse was “at fault”. It is enough to show that you have irreconcilable differences: you no longer get along.

No, if you have a registered domestic partnership, a petition is filed requesting that your domestic partnership be terminated. Use our Initiating a Divorce packet or the Washington Forms Online Interview Program to fill out forms. The forms and procedure are the same for divorce and domestic partnership.

Washington must have personal jurisdiction over your spouse in order to enter certain types of orders. In general, Washington will have personal jurisdiction over your spouse if one of the following is true:

You may still be able to file for divorce and serve your spouse by publication. You can still ask the court to end your marriage, divide assets and debts that are in Washington.  Service of Process by Certified Mail or Publication has more information.