How much does an AP1 cost?

How much does an AP1 cost?

Toll pricing

Street View panoramas and map uploads are now charged separately. A static Street View panorama is charged for each request to the Street View Static API to embed a static (non-interactive) Street View panorama. Use of the Street View Image Metadata endpoint is not charged.

Speed Limits requests are billed per speed limit element displayed in the API response. This amount will always be equal to or less than the number of points passed in the original request.

An Autocomplete session includes a few requests to Autocomplete (to retrieve suggestions for a place as the user types) and at most one request to Place Details (to retrieve details about the place selected by the user). The same session token is passed to the Autocomplete request and the subsequent Place Details request. A session begins with the first request to Autocomplete (which usually occurs when the user starts typing). A call to Place Details is made when the user selects one of the Autocomplete suggestions. If none of the suggestions are selected, no call to Place Details is made.

How much is AP1 worth?

The cost of this highway for cars is €12.25 each way. An average of 19,374 vehicles use this road every day, a figure that will increase after its liberalization. The N1 and the AP1 are the connecting roads between Vitoria-Gasteiz and the Meseta.

When was the toll removed from the AP1?

At midnight tonight, from Friday, November 30 to Saturday, December 1, the toll on the AP-1 Armiñón (Vitoria)-Burgos highway will be lifted, so that the almost 21,000 vehicles that transit this infrastructure daily on average will have free access to it, after 44 years as a toll road.

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How much is the Burgos toll?

Biscayans currently pay 21.75 euros to reach Burgos. With the situation that the Government promises to implement in December, the cost would be 10 euros.

Audenasa discounts

If the unit cost is important for your pricing information, you can also send the attributes unit_pricing_measure [unit_pricing_measure] and unit_pricing_base_measure [unit_pricing_base_measure].

Review each section carefully to determine if the requirements apply to your country or product. If you do not meet the applicable requirements, we will reject the product and inform you on the Diagnostics page of your Merchant Center account.

Note: If you require the customer to purchase a minimum total quantity of products (either multiple units of the same product or a combination of several different products) in order to successfully complete the purchase, please indicate the minimum total quantity of products as the minimum order value.

If you require a minimum order value, set it in your shipping configuration. For example, if you require customers to purchase products of at least EUR 30 on your website, add the corresponding minimum order value to your shipping settings. Learn more about adding a minimum order value

How much does the AP-2 cost?

The AP-2 or Zaragoza-Mediterranean highway joins the towns of Alfajarín (Zaragoza) and El Vendrell (Tarragona) for 215 kilometers, forming part of the European route E-90. It carries an average of 9,662 vehicles per day. The cost of the toll for a passenger car on this section amounts to 25.65 euros in 2021.

How much does the AP-7 cost?

AP-7 Salou – La Jonquera

Length: 245 km. Previous toll price: 28.85 euros.

How to pay a toll?

How are toll payments made? Payment is made at the toll controls located on the connecting branches to other roads with the option of manual payment, with cash or credit card, or electronically through the electronic toll system.

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Toll zaragoza

The personal data collected come from the information provided by the persons or from the contrast or verification of such data with other institutions for the management of the services of their competence.

If you have given your consent for a specific purpose, the person concerned has the right to withdraw the consent given at any time, without affecting the lawfulness of the processing based on the consent prior to its withdrawal.

SECURITY The data will be treated confidentially and under the submission to appropriate technical and organizational security measures to prevent alteration, loss, treatment or unauthorized access.

CONSERVATION How long do we keep your data? Personal data will be kept during the provision of the service, after which they will be blocked with restricted access to authorized personnel, remaining in this situation during the periods of prescription or extinction of the actions that may arise due to the provision of the service or those required by the applicable tax legislation.

How much does the ap6 toll cost?

If up to now it paid 8.35 euros, it will have to add the 1.97% proposed by the Government, which means a rise of 16 cents, leaving the tariff at 8.51 euros.

How much does the AP-68 toll cost?

The Ebro Highway, which connects Zaragoza with Bilbao under the number AP-68, is the most expensive toll road in Spain and the fourth most expensive in Europe, with an average cost of 32.72 euros to travel its 295 kilometers.

When does the AP-7 toll end?

As of today, September 1, the barriers are lifted on four Spanish toll roads: the AP-2 (Aragón-El Vendrell section), the AP-7 (La Jonquera-Salou and Montmeló-El Papiol), the C-32 (Barcelona-Lloret de Mar) and the C-33 (Barcelona-Montmeló).

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