Should I send my kid to Montessori?

Should I send my kid to Montessori?

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Have you heard of Maria Montessori or Montessori schools? Do you know what the Montessori method is? It is a way of educating your child. We explain what it is and we detail all its characteristics.

This is one of the major differences of this pedagogy, since, in most current educational systems, the focus is only on achievement in academic subjects, such as literacy and mathematics, skills that, in addition, are measured with tests and grades.

We often hear about the “Montessori method”. However, it is interesting to know that its creator did not like to talk about a method, but about a whole philosophy of life.  This is how she explains it in her book The Formation of Man:

I find it a very interesting method, I would like to practice the method with my children because any way of learning that is something fun, awakens interest in learning and in an easy way, I think it is very good for them and rewarding for everyone….

The word “Montessori” has become a Brand. A school or a toy for having that label is believed to defend a philosophy of the nineteenth century, as if it were the newest and is neither new nor meets the requirements to be “Montessori”, just take advantage of that name to charge much more.

What is the advantage of Montessori children learning with children of different ages?

Collaboration, empathy, help. The child, rather than the teacher, is the primary focus in Montessori classrooms. One of the results of mixing ages is that the child focuses on his or her own learning and not on the teacher.

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What does the child develop with the Montessori method?

The Montessori method is characterized by providing a prepared environment: orderly, aesthetic, simple, real, where each element has its raison d’être in the development of children. The Montessori classroom integrates age groups in periods of 3 years, which naturally promotes socialization, respect and solidarity.

How good is the Montessori method?

More and more parents and teachers are opting for the Montessori method to educate children. … Properly applied, the Montessori methodology is very effective because it promotes the development of children’s cognitive functions, especially their creativity, while enhancing social skills and promoting autonomy.

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If you are worried about making a big investment, don’t do it, start with DIY materials or the most important and forgotten Montessori thing: Practical life. You only need a stool and a mini apron for her to develop her potential. You don’t need ANYTHING else. NOTHING. Cooking and doing housework together will connect you more, you will be able to spend more time together and her skills will develop by leaps and bounds.

On the other hand, even if you are fully convinced that it works for your family, it still doesn’t take a huge investment (except for sensory materials, but there are a thousand ways to refine the senses) and many can be homemade. Montessori is not just about materials, I would almost say it’s hardly about materials at all!

If you were looking for a magic formula, like do A and B and you’ll get C, I’m sorry to have disappointed you :P, but I encourage you to experiment and get very confused, because error is the basis of any learning. And look with a lot of love to your children, any opportunity is a small one.

How much are the fees for a Montessori school?

12,800 is the average fee for Single Day.

How to enhance the development of the children we serve with the Montessori methodology?

With the Montessori method it is essential to understand that we must trust the child, let him be independent and let him do things by himself. This does not mean leaving him alone, but facilitating an environment in which he can do things until he achieves them and without getting frustrated.

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How to teach a child to read with the Montessori method?

According to the Montessori method, it is very important that the child manipulates the letters, visualizes the vocalization of the phonemes and feels the vibrations in his throat while pronouncing them, since this way he will not only learn faster but also better.

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That’s why we started reading and informing ourselves about everything: pedagogies, parenting, breastfeeding, babywearing, etc. Yes, before we had the baby, even before I got pregnant. We talked about everything as a couple and we both had to agree, I think it is very important, to row both in the same direction and without contradictions.

Of course the first answer was a healthy and happy baby, but then we wanted a baby who would enjoy his childhood, who would enjoy his parents as much as he could and his parents would enjoy him, who would be surrounded by nature as much as possible.

Being a teacher, I was drawn to learning, I wanted my baby to learn with pleasure, to be as independent and autonomous as possible, to resolve conflicts in a civilized way, to be supportive and empathetic, to love everything he does and to do it for himself.

To make him a person of integrity, with this adjective I would like to include many other characteristics such as honest, responsible, supportive, educated, disciplined… living in freedom, very different from doing whatever he wants (I will talk about this nuance in another article).

Which is better Montessori or traditional?

TRADITIONAL: The child is protected and acted upon until later ages. MONTESSORI: The child is trusted and his autonomy is encouraged, providing him with a safe environment adapted to his size and needs.

How is the Montessori method applied today?

Today, many of the original ideas of this educational method are still very present, especially in preschool and kindergarten classrooms where the idea of fostering the child’s independence, initiative and autonomy is especially present.

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What does Montessori think about play?

“All children learn through play/work: because play is the work of children”. For children everything consists in playing and for the Montessori method there is no difference between playing and working. … Play is spontaneous and is initiated in response to children’s own developmental needs.

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There is a phrase that most of us know and have said at some point: “we learn from mistakes”. As parents, it is important to let our children fail and make mistakes, without always trying to do things for them or correcting them all the time.

Of course, watching them learn from their mistakes is not always easy, but we must control that impulse to correct them and not despair, but understand that they are in the process of learning, maintaining realistic expectations about their abilities.

Simply observe and guide. Sometimes it seems that we are terrified that our children make mistakes and we rush to help them, taking away that opportunity to learn to solve it by themselves.