What fees do SJP charge?

What fees do SJP charge?


One of the most common complaints among bank customers are the costs that banks and savings banks charge for the use of services or maintenance of accounts. Commissions, often considered high, are not a dish of good taste.

Caixa Galicia, one of the entities that recognizes the application of these fees, charges 0.26 euros per mailing, ‘although it is only charged in those cases in which notification to a third party is generated, never in correspondence sent to the client himself’, they maintain. Ibercaja, for its part, charges an administration fee of 0.24 euros per entry, the same as Banco Sabadell.

The alternative to these burdensome mailings is the custody of correspondence – in which the customer’s mailing address is changed and kept at the office – at the relevant bank or savings bank, but this service also entails costs for the user. Ibercaja, for example, charges three euros, although the rate is negotiable depending on the linkage. BBVA, for its part, charges six euros every six months.

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Sarah Jessica Parker’s salary, Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon will be paid a million per episode and will be executive producersThis means that Kim Cattrall, who played Samantha in all the projects related to Sex and the City, has given up such a cache in order to stay away from the character that confirmed her as a TV star and gave her a Golden Globe as a supporting actress. The reason? As reported by all the portals, her bad relationship with Sarah Jessica Parker.

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Sex and the City, based on the novel by Candace Bushnell and created by Darren Star (Sensation of Living, Melrose Place) premiered in 1998 as a television revolution. HBO was a pay channel and could recreate as much as it wanted with adult dialogues and sex scenes. Another milestone was the wardrobe and shoes worn by the actresses, designed by Patricia Field, which generated conversation and made the actresses ubiquitous in fashion magazines, especially Parker.


Her career took off with major roles after starring in “Sex and the City”. Two more critically acclaimed television productions followed: “A Year in the Life” and “Equal Justice”. She also stood out as the intelligent “Patty Greene” in the CBS series “Square Pegs”.

Parker’s career is also extensive on the theatrical stage. She acted alongside four of her brothers in plays such as “The Sound of Music”, also called “The Sound of Music”. She won a Drama Desk Award for her performance in “Sylvia”.

She stood out in “How to succeed in business without really trying”, with her husband, actor Mathew Broderick, whom she married on May 19, 1977, a relationship from which her first son, James Wilke Broderick, was born in 2002.

Other films in which she participated are: “Rich kids” (1979), “Honeymoon in Las Vegas”, with Nicholas Cage and James Caan in 1992, where, according to her fans, she looked more attractive than ever; followed by “Hocus pocus” (1993), “Mars attacks!”, “Extreme measures”, “The divorce club” (1996) and “Life without Dick” (2001).

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Viagem dos Sonhos l Maria Clara e JP

The 150 megabytes of internet for the European Union offered by Movistar costs 15 euros per month, the price rises to 50 euros if you sign up for a 500 megabytes for the same area and up to 80 euros for a monthly GB. While the world internet bonus (for destinations such as the United States and Russia) costs 50 euros per month to navigate with 150 MB; for the same area but with 500 MB the price rises to 140 euros and for a GB rises to 240 euros per month.

However, they also offer a rate of four euros per day for those customers who have contracted the RED service and who can have up to 1,000 minutes of calls, 1,000 text messages and one GB of navigation per month. Vodafone offers this service for any part of the EU, plus Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland, Albania and Turkey.