What is a selling agent fee?

What is a selling agent fee?

How much does a remax agent earn in Argentina

This question is very common in the process of buying and selling where such management has been carried out by a real estate agent. Some owners choose to work their sales in a direct way, forgetting that the advice of a good sales representative can not only speed up the buying and selling process, but also make it easier for the parties involved, in addition to the previous steps of advertising the property.

The fees of a real estate agent are equivalent to 5% of the sale price of the property, this amount is covered by the owner/seller. For this reason, you, as a buyer client, should not assume that the payment made to the real estate agent corresponds to you.

Who pays the real estate agent, the buyer or the seller?

We had already had the opportunity to deal with this issue in the previous post on real estate exclusivity contracts, but given such an important issue as money and real estate commissions, we are going to dedicate this post to the issue of real estate commissions.

Thus, we cannot deny, of course, that the seller may see it as an unnecessary expense, as he/she will receive less money from the sale if he/she has to pay the real estate agent’s commission.

I already explained in the previous post, that a real estate commission for the sale of the apartment of higher amount seems to me abusive, from my point of view; but, we cannot forget that we are in a free market, since there is no law that regulates the minimum and maximum ceilings or conditions to be faced in these cases.

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With respect to the moment in which the payment of the real estate commission for sale that has been agreed will have to be faced, the most usual thing is that it is when the sale is made official before a notary. If, for example, the final sale price is 100,000 euros, the disbursement in favor of the real estate agency will be 1,000 euros, with a commission of 2%, and 6,000 if this amounts to 6%.

Fees for the purchase and sale of real estate

Real estate brokerage is the service provided by professionals in the housing sector, experts in their procedures and bearers of the necessary experience to advise buyers and sellers.it is essential to regulate the relationship that is generated between the agent and the real estate agent, which can generate large profits on their fees.

It is essential to regulate the relationship that is generated between the real estate agent and the seller.This contract is usually focused on the functions and the services provided by the real estate agent and the seller.

Real estate commission table

Sometimes there is confusion between this term and real estate commissions. The main difference lies in the fact that while fees are an amount given at the end of the transaction for the work provided, commissions consist of a fixed percentage established in a contract signed by both parties.

In order for you to better understand the difference, we can summarize it as follows: real estate fees are established on the merits of the work done, while commissions are based on a percentage established by the real estate companies on the sale price.

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If the real estate agent achieves a quick sale thanks to the characteristics of the property, the amount of the fees will be lower. On the other hand, the percentage may go up if the operation is more complex to carry out.

It is somewhat complex to calculate the fees of a real estate agency. As we have mentioned above, there is no rule or law that establishes the exact amount, so it can vary.