Can Monzo be trusted?

Can Monzo be trusted?

Monzo bank

We will help you to create and adapt the space to the real needs of your business such as adaptation and creation of disabled access, expansion or creation of spaces. All this as soon as possible.

Once you contact us, we will make an appointment to see the space in situ and thus to evaluate the necessary work and take the measurements required for the reform. We will advise you on the work to be done or a possible distribution of housing or premises.

We will make and deliver free of charge a detailed budget explaining the work to be done and the materials to be used, the approximate duration of the reform and payment methods.

We will carry out the execution of the work or reform. In the meantime, the construction manager will be in charge of coordinating the work, informing you of the status of the renovation and solving any incident that may arise.


The one in charge of proposing Monzó’s continuity was the president of the Cambiemos interbloc, Mario Negri. He affirmed that “his figure synthesizes the values and the indispensable conditions to lead a House in which we, as the ruling party, are not the majority”. He highlighted in Monzó “the virtues of patience, temperament, plural vision and transparency” in the exercise of the highest office of the Chamber of Deputies.

From the Argentina Federal Interbloc, Deputy Pablo Kosiner affirmed that “Monzó is one of those men who keep his essence and values beyond the current party positions”. He highlighted his “permanent openness to dialogue”.

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Felipe Solá highlighted “his solid political vocation” and pointed out that Monzó “is always there and manages well. He has what it takes to be sitting there”. At the same time, he affirmed that “we have had few sessions and now the Executive sends 40 bills to be dealt with in December, which is disrespectful”.

Representative Martín Lousteau affirmed that Monzó “has fulfilled an extraordinary task, with political and administrative leadership. Undoubtedly, he is one of the great presidents of the House since 83”, he affirmed.

Revolut 2021

The diplomat thanked the Argentine Congress for its support to the deepening of these relations, highlighting the significant progress that has resulted in an increase in investments and commercial exchange.

Both presidents concluded on the need to continue working not only taking into account the deep historical ties that unite both countries but, fundamentally, in the construction of strategic links so that the agreements signed by each country are ratified by their respective Parliaments.

Monzo bank argentina

The product they offer is simple and very usable. They have focused on providing a good user experience and excellent customer service. The first step to have a BNext account is to download the application and enter the data. In just 24/48 hours you receive your card and can start trading.

The application clearly shows the income, money transfers and expenses of the card, in a very visual and simple way. The card also allows commission-free cash withdrawals (three per month): if the ATM charges a commission, BNext refunds it.

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Abroad, the card also has its advantages. It allows payment without commissions for currency exchange (up to 2000 euros per month), and up to 3 cash withdrawals at ATMs without commissions (except for the ATM commission, if any; here they help to find commission-free ATMs).

The advantage is that the money is 100% deposited, i.e. they do not invest with it. Therefore, in theory it is safe, it has a cash ratio of 100%. In practice not so much because the Electronic Money Institutions can also go bankrupt and it would be necessary to see what happens with the balances, which are not protected by the Deposit Guarantee Fund. Actually BNext’s money is deposited at Banco Santander in an off-balance sheet escrow account, so the balances are quite safe.