Can you buy a house before you sell yours?

Can you buy a house before you sell yours?

Expenses in a home sale

Doing it this way we get the money from the sale and it is easier for us to obtain a new mortgage or to face the expense of the new house. However, sometimes it is not possible to do it this way and we have to do both operations at the same time.

Having clear that selling and buying a house at the same time is possible, and considering the steps to follow to carry it out, we must take into account all the obstacles that can appear.

One of the mishaps that we can find is that our bank does not like the operation or considers it too risky. Or the buyer or seller may not be willing to wait long enough to complete the transaction.

If the idea is to move to a house with the same characteristics, but in a different area, it is necessary to be sure of the price per square meter. Ideally, in order to guarantee the success of the transaction, the price per meter of the new purchase should be lower.

It is also advisable to look for the new home in an area with a development plan to ensure that the price will continue to rise for a considerable period of time and that the infrastructure and services will increase and not decrease.

What happens if I buy a house that is not registered?

The most important disadvantage of buying a house without registration is that in doing so we will not have legal coverage. By not being registered, this type of property may be foreclosed, encumbered by a mortgage, or have any other type of encumbrances such as usufructs or utilities.

How do I know which bank owns a property?

The nota simple: In the office of the Land Registry page you can obtain the nota simple with all the data that have been collected before. This note contains the information on the ownership and the charges of the properties registered in all the Registries of the Property of Spain.

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What is a property without possession?

This type of purchase and sale of “housing without possession” is a “blind purchase”, that is, the individual interested in a house, even with people, does not know how the house is inside nor how he will receive it. …

Bridging mortgage

Contact the seller and submit, as politely as possible, to a third degree. If he has nothing to hide and wants to sell the property he will answer your questions, if he dodges them, if he gets angry because of his distrustful zeal, the best thing to do is to forget about the bargain and move on.

Experts recommend visiting the area at different times of the day or night. Ask the doorman, if the property has one. If not, try to talk to any of the neighbors entering or leaving the doorway. That conversation can also serve to obtain information of the expenses of community, possible existing spills, etc.

Once made these verifications and being sure that it is the housing to buy the agreement must be sealed on a contract of arras. The Association of Registrars advises that it should be “as simple as possible”, but that it should contain all the necessary elements.

Identification, with ID card, address of residence and the basic peculiarities of the house. In the event that the sale is not completed, the buyer will lose the amount paid if it was the buyer who stopped the sale, and the seller is obliged to pay double that amount if he is to blame for the non-sale.

What happens if a property is not registered?

If the deed of sale is not registered, the certificate of freedom and tradition will appear as if the property had not been sold, i.e., the seller still owns the property and therefore it is possible that he can sell it twice, and when the first buyer goes to register his deed, he can …

How to know if a house is not registered?

To find out if a property is registered we must go to the land registry of the municipality where the property is located. This information is public (anyone can access it) and requires the completion of a form and the payment of a fee.

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When you sell an apartment, how much time do you have to buy another one?

How long do you have to buy another house if you sell yours? The answer is two years from the time you sell your home. This reinvestment period also applies to homes purchased two years prior to the sale of your primary residence.

How to sell one house to buy another

The Buyer persona in real estate is nothing more than a simulated representation of a real client, which would be the ideal client in each case, generated from demographic data, behavior and needs and motivation.

Real estate agencies are getting more and more involved in the most advanced marketing techniques, and for this reason some of them have started to create their own Buyer Personas. In our sector, some examples of Buyer persona profiles would be the following:

Once you have built a fictitious image of your ideal client, it will be easier for you to know how to meet their housing needs. In addition, it helps real estate agents to imagine the modus operandi and way of thinking of this profile, in order to send them more effective messages to capture sales.

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How to sell the house to the bank?

Can I sell my house to the bank? First, the short answer: No, you can’t sell your house to the bank. Now, why you can’t sell your house to the bank is because these entities do not buy homes in the traditional way, but rather acquire them through home equity loans.

How to know who is the owner of a free property Argentina?

The name of the site is and queries can be made by last name and first name of the holder, by type and document number, or by both variants.

How to know the owner of a property for free?

The most appropriate is to go to the Land Registry, you can also go online on the web page, and ask for a nota simple registral of the property.

Selling house before 3 years hacienda

The law allows the sale of the bare ownership of the house or the possibility of taking out a reverse mortgage while keeping the usufruct, something very common in the case of inheritances. In fact, this is what happens when a house is inherited after the death of one of the parents, the other one keeps the usufruct for life. In other words, he or she will be able to use the house until his or her death, even if the house actually belongs to the children.

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This modality taken to the real estate market is what is known as selling the house with you inside or buying a house with a life tenant. There are three ways to buy the bare ownership of the house depending on the form of payment or collection.

As it is logical, this transfer of the use of the house does not come for free. Houses of this type are sold at discounts ranging from 20% to 60% of the price, depending on factors such as the age of the person who will hold the usufruct.

This is the simplest alternative to buying the bare ownership of a house. The major advantage is the reduction in price and the disadvantage is that you will need to contribute the purchase money at the time of the assignment, as with a purchase for use. The translation is that you will need to have the money in the bank or ask for a mortgage (yes, banks also finance these operations although the requirements are higher than with a regular mortgage loan).