Do Cash Converters buy gold?

Do Cash Converters buy gold?

The price of gold is down

If you want to sell gold, it is normal that before selling your jewelry or gold pieces you ask yourself: How much is the gold I have worth, how is the price of gold, where to sell it? Today we are going to solve all your doubts.

Gold is a metal that, thanks to its stability in the market, always represents a safe value. It is called a safe haven because it appreciates in value over time. What we buy today, in theory, will be worth more in the future.

Therefore, it is best to discard imitation gold. How can you do this? Some people use a magnet, bring it close to the pieces and if the magnet attracts them, in theory it is not gold. But this trick does not always work since the gold may be of lower purity, or the piece may be gold plated, etc.

In the case of silver jewelry, the purity index ranges from 800 thousandths to 999. It is usual for silver jewelry to have a purity of 925 thousandths and above. As with gold jewelry, this index is engraved on the jewelry itself.

How long does it take to melt the gold sold?

They usually melt the gold after a period of 10 days.

How much do they pay per gram of gold in Spain?

It can vary every day, but lately it is quite stable, hovering around 25 or 28 euros for each gram of 18 karat gold, while for each gram of 14 karat gold they offer around 20 euros and 38 euros for each gram of 24 karat gold, which is usually that of ingots and coins and is used as …

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Where can I sell my gold at the best price in Mexico?

Cash Converters: the place to sell gold at the best price.

Selling gold in Spain

Floridablanca Street in Barcelona, yesterday, 19.30h. Outside temperature, 13 degrees Celsius. Relative humidity, 47%. Indoor temperature, freezing. In the Cash-converters (we buy what you don’t use/sell what you can’t imagine) a woman named Yatiqué tells the counter that forty, she has come for the promotion on the purchase of jewelry, and that nothing 35, that ring comes from Morocco.

I leave with my family medal in my hand and only then do I realize that the group of men who are always at that point in the street belong, somehow, to the universe of detachment. They wait for their wives, who, inside, are the ones who charge whatever it is worth for what, as the sign says, they no longer use. Outside temperature, 12 degrees Celsius. Relative humidity, 47%. Inside temperature, frosty.

Where can gold be sold?

It can be in banks, certified entities or even vending machines. There is an institution in the country where you can acquire gold coins, the Casa de Moneda de México. It has physical stores but also online sales.

How long do you store your data in compro oro?

The owners of these establishments are obliged to keep the Register Books for a period of five years, from the date on which the use of each one of them ends, so that they can be made available to the judicial or administrative authorities when required.

What do pawnshops do with gold?

Pawnshops engaged in the buying and selling of gold and pawning by receiving gold as collateral for a loan have appraisers who evaluate the type of jewelry or type of gold to determine its value.

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Gold price to sell

It has always been known that investing in gold is a safe investment, especially in times of crisis. However, the fact of getting rid of jewelry or valuable gadgets has become for many an obligation to make ends meet or face any debt incurred in times of prosperity.

Details that for obvious reasons are ignored by customers, such as the fact that the tools used to appraise the pieces are not in sight, or that the scales do not have the corresponding marks, should generate distrust in the customer. How to make sure that one is not being taken for a ride? Here are some recommendations:

In other franchises, it is the ‘ring the bell’ sign that greets those who come to sell their jewelry. Whether for their own security or that of others, these companies are more hermetic and are usually occupied by only one employee. Personalized treatment always gives a greater seriousness, so it is preferable to avoid stores that have wide doors or with more than two dealers watching what you do.

How much do you pay per gram of 18 karat gold?

A gram of 18-karat gold is currently priced at around $5,000.

Where can I sell my jewelry?

Jewelry stores, buying and selling stores or the Internet

Jewelry stores, with the knowledge of their professionals, in addition to price, offer useful information about the pieces for sale and the vast majority of jewelers offer to evaluate the jewelry free of charge.

What does it take to sell gold?

The only indispensable requirement to sell gold in Spain is to present the DNI, passport or NIE, in case the seller is a foreigner. It’s as simple as that!

Selling cash converters

Gil estimates that as soon as the current capacity restrictions are eased, regular business will jump by 150% to 200%, and that’s when a massive influx of customers could be generated.

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José María Viejo, president of Fundos, the Social Work Foundation of Castilla y León, quantifies the increase in demand that Montecyl, with offices in León, Valladolid and Salamanca, has experienced during the pandemic at 600 %, despite the fact that it operates in an autonomous community that to date has remained entirely in phase 0, and where it works by appointment only.

“We would like to do well, but not because the country is doing badly, but because people understand that this is another option for obtaining credit under fair and reasonable conditions. But at the moment we are doing well, much to our regret,” says José María Viejo.

In the medium term, the montes de piedad are considering reorienting their activity towards other types of goods, such as electronics or even cars, as is done in this type of business in other countries, especially in Latin America.