What is a payment schedule in construction?

What is a payment schedule in construction?

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In December 2017, a new Job Evaluation for the construction industry was approved. It is a tool where all the positions that currently exist in our industry are described and valued.

The items that do not carry contribution are: compensations for wear and tear of clothes, tools, transportation, half hour paid rest,waiting hours due to rain, meal tickets (personal contribution), These compensations do not constitute taxable matter nor generate benefits to social security.

The salary item considered as taxable material for the purposes of the CESS is that which is obtained on a regular and permanent basis due to an employment contract, this is derived from article 153 of law 16.713 and is complemented by article 167 of the aforementioned law, Decree 113/96 Art.4 and 526/96 Art.26, among others.

1) those suspended for causes not attributable to them (e.g. lack of raw materials, rains, etc.) 2) those sick if they have worked within the 10 days prior to the holiday 3) those suspended within the 10 days prior to the holiday, whether or not they return to work.

Construction tax 2021

The tax on constructions, installations and works (ICIO) is a tax of a facultative nature, whose taxable event is the realization, within the municipal district, of any construction, installation or work, for which it is required to obtain a building or urban planning license, and the issuance of which corresponds to the city council.

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However, when the construction, installation or work is not carried out by the owner, the persons requesting the corresponding licenses or carrying out the construction, installation or work must pay it, as a substitute.

Each city council determines in the tax ordinances the regulation of the tax, and consequently the settlement system and the payment period. At the end of the voluntary payment period, the debt will be enforced with the corresponding surcharge and interest for late payment.

Construction license date 2021

Construction Permits in all its Phases corresponding to new works, reforms, extensions, regularization of works already carried out and Final Building Permits, as well as Permit Revalidations and Anticipated Beginnings of Works. This application may be submitted digitally or in paper format.

In the Collection Manual of the Building Control Service, in Specification ESP-Ap-01 “Documentary requirements for the presentation of procedures in Personalized Attention”, by means of gray boxes in a double entry box, all the necessary documents to present for the application can be located and it allows to control all the necessary documentation to be sent via web and to assemble the documentation folders in paper format.

Simulator of Fees for the Entry of Procedures in the Building and/or Urban AreaCalculation of thermal transmittanceSanitary materialsNon-traditional construction systemRelated regulationsAlignments Report

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the proforma, if applicable and coincident with this one.        Invoice registrationThe site administrator registers or stamps the invoice delivered by the subcontractor.invoice signature (site manager)When all the subcontractor’s invoices are ready, the site administrative

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