Can I actually speak to someone at DVLA?

Can I actually speak to someone at DVLA?

Fine increases for driving without a license – Autoestéreo

If a police officer has doubts about a person’s ability to drive, he or she may have the driver submit to a series of tests, known as physical coordination tests (balance, gait and other tests) or have the driver blow into a breathalyzer, for example.

Refusing to perform the physical coordination tests or to blow into a breathalyzer automatically carries the most severe penalties provided for in the Penal Code and the Road Safety Code.

You must inform the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) if you suffer from certain mental illnesses. Or if your medication affects your driving. This section explains how and when you should tell the DVLA about your illness or medication. It explains what may happen when you tell the DVLA and how to challenge a decision if you think it is wrong. This section is for people affected by a serious mental illness.

If you have, or think you may have, certain illnesses, you must tell the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA). And you must tell them if your illness has worsened since you obtained your driver’s license.

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In I have done a simulation (Spanish car, 12 years, blah, blah) and they gave me 2 prices in two insurers (One call Insurance and The Policy Shop) to third parties 643 and 702 pounds … not bad, no?

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If you have the 3 mirrors… my husband says that only when entering the traffic circles coming from the right and if you have a co-driver it can “cover” you… but come on, being careful… (well that’s what I want to think…)

I’ve been doing some research and the option suggested by @Aliso_v4.0 seems very interesting. I had no idea there was a market for left hand drive cars. Thanks again for the suggestion and forgive my ignorance.

@Aliso_v4.0, thank you very much for the tip. I’ve already contacted some of those dealers you say and I’ve found that they try to take advantage. Above all, what worries me most is all the paperwork, paperwork, workshops … bureaucracy, after all, that in my experience so far, here is extenuaste. Although it may seem hard to believe, I don’t have time for all that for work reasons, not even to dedicate the necessary time to the phone, because during business hours I am always working and without the possibility of calling or answering calls. And so far I have not been able to get a decent answer to my mails.

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First of all and after speaking personally with the DVLA (Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency) they made it categorically clear to me that a UK resident CANNOT DRIVE A CAR WITH A FOREIGN REGISTRATION, these were their exact words:

– Document V55/5. This is the document sent to you by the DVLA. You have about 50 boxes where you will put a lot of information about you and your car. Let’s say it is the official document for the change of registration. Once filled in, you put it in what I will call from now on the “envelope”.

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And you put the day you entered with the car. In a few hours they will tell you that everything is ok and that Customs gives permission to the DVLA to register your car (you don’t have to send anything, the administrations themselves send the information internally).

– MOT: it is like the ITV but with a big difference. The MOT can be passed in many private garages, that is to say, you will not find the typical ITV official asking for everything. To pass the MOT it is an indispensable requirement that the speedometer of the car indicates Miles per Hour and that the lights of your car point to the left (in a car with the steering wheel to the left the lights point to the right, and here that dazzles those who come from the front).

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Call 999 immediately. Victims’ clothing will be required to assist in the police investigation. It is important that evidence is preserved during the investigation. Although it may be uncomfortable, victims should not wash until the police have confirmed that they are able to do so. If you do not wish to report it to the police, you can speak to: Sexual Assault Referral Centres (SARCs), Rape Crisis for women, Victim service.

If you believe an older person is directly at risk, call 999. Otherwise, inform the local police and the local council – Local Council. It is also possible to speak to the manager of the hospital or care home where they live. For advice and help, you can contact the Action on Elder Abuse helpline Tel: 0808 808 8141.

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Report a missing person to the local police. You do not have to wait 24 hours before reporting it. The police will ask for a photograph of the missing person, details of family and friends they may have been with, the state or mental condition they were in, objects containing the missing person’s DNA, such as a toothbrush for example.