Can I open a Tide business account?

Can I open a Tide business account?

TIDE Pods Sport (2019)

I consent to Inforiesgos communicating my data to companies of the Gedesco Group, so that they can send me, by any means, commercial communications based on my browsing and consumption habits about their products or services.

I consent to the sending, by any means, of commercial communications based on my browsing and consumption habits, by Inforiesgos about its own products and services other than those contracted, as well as about products of third parties in the financial sector, even after I unsubscribe as a user.

TIDE Ultra Oxi (2018)

(Cannes, 06/22/18). The piece by Saatchi & Saatchi New York and created under the creative direction of Javier Campopiano took home a Titanium in the category chaired by Colleen DeCourcy, CCO of Wieden + Kennedy Global.

While Palau Pledge, the work done by Host/Havas agencies for Palau Legacy Project, took the Grand Prix in the category, the region was not far behind and achieved a Titanium for It’s a Tide Ad, the commercial created by Javier Campopiano and premiered for the 2018 Super Bowl.

The President of the Jury also highlighted the GP with the following words: “We chose this work because it was beautifully crafted, it was not an interruption of a process but was integrated into it and changed the minds of governments to lead them to do something sustainable for people. It’s something incredibly modern and it took several points from the other work that we loved to use them in this idea that transforms the world. If you stop and think about what our industry can do, this is creativity and it serves to change people’s minds and behaviors in a world full of misinformation. This felt like something that really meant a step forward.

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Procter & Gamble Case

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I want to build commercial premises, general aspects that

In the Internet world we are used to hearing about the launch of new services or products that, with the passage of time, end up disappearing into oblivion. But in a month, with the amount of money they had to invest in their promotion, with the support of artists with legions of fans, almost a record. What’s going on at Tidal and why has it failed so miserably?

While some of the artists involved in promoting the service have released some exclusive songs on it (rumor has it that even Beyoncé and Jay Z might use it to exclusively release a new album), they don’t seem to have remembered much more about Tidal in the days following the launch. Madonna invites you to go to iTunes with her picture and link to her bio and with Rihanna it’s a similar story.

The fact that Tidal wanted to sell itself as “the artists’ service” has annoyed other singers and bands. “When they say it belongs to the artists, it really belongs to those rich, wealthy artists…. I don’t want to side with Spotify, Beats, Tidal, or whatever,” the frontman of the popular Mumford & Sons was saying. Lily Allen wasn’t too convinced either: “Tidal is so expensive compared to other streaming services that are good and perfect. Jay Z has taken the top artists and made them exclusive to Tidal…. People are going to go back to download websites in droves, sending traffic to torrent websites.”

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