Can you assign number plate with new keeper slip?

Can you assign number plate with new keeper slip?


The pre-enrollment for the academic year 2021-2022 will be done telematically through the pre-enrollment link of the Barcelona City Council website and only in exceptional situations it can be done in person at the center requested in first option by appointment.

In the case of the city of Barcelona there is also an aspect that must be assessed: when the address is located in the same municipal district as the center chosen first, but outside the educational area of the center, 15 points are added.

Generally, only one criterion of proximity can be invoked: either you live in the area of influence of the educational center, or you work in the area of influence of the educational center or you live in the same municipality where the educational center is located.

Remember that the supporting documentation for both the general and complementary priority criteria must be attached to the pre-enrollment application within the established period.

If you decide to send your children to a private day care center, you will have to consult the center itself for all the information provided on this page: availability, criteria, schedules, prices, pre-enrollment and enrollment dates and necessary documentation.

How are university places awarded?

How are places allocated? Places at each university are assigned starting with the pre-enrollment of the student with the highest admission grade. In other words, places are assigned in order of grade (from highest to lowest) and according to the order of preference indicated by the person in the application.

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How can I change my UGR registration?

The alteration of the enrollment is done through the corresponding application of the student’s Identified Access. If the enrollment modification involves a reduction of credits, please review the clarifications in the section Enrollment Cancellation (total or partial).

How many careers can I pre-register for?

The criterion for ordering the three or four careers that best suit your preferences should be your true preference and not aspects such as the cut-off score. Do not let this limit you. We recommend that you always include the career you like in the order you prefer, even if the cut-off mark is higher than yours.

How many universities can I enroll in?

You must complete this procedure for any new vehicle and for new or used vehicles coming from abroad. If the vehicle you intend to register is a historic vehicle, or if what you need are temporary license plates to drive it while you manage its definitive registration, the procedure to be carried out is different from the usual one.

Vehicles, new or used, from the United Kingdom, except Northern Ireland, imported after January 1, 2021, must comply with the requirements applicable to vehicles acquired outside the EU. In the event that the vehicle has the status of EU status, the requirements for vehicles acquired in the EU will be applicable as long as the certificate issued by the AEAT certifying this status is presented.

1. In person, delivering all the documentation at any Jefatura or local Traffic Office. In this case, you need to make an appointment online or by calling 060.  You must bring your original and valid documentation to prove your identity:

How many subjects do I have to pass to continue at UPM University?

Apply for a place fulfilling the same requirements that are demanded to newly admitted students, only once, in another UPM Degree, having to pass at least 12 credits of compulsory subject of first year to be able to continue in the UPM.

What will university admissions 2021 look like?

Students in the third year of high school (Costa system) and high school graduates from previous years who wish to enter a higher education institution may register to take the “Higher Education Access Examination” for the first academic period 2021.

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When do I have to register for college?

Ordinary call (July): from June 18 to 28. Extraordinary call (July – August): from July 22 to 30. September call: from September 13 to 24 (for studies with vacant places after the ordinary and extraordinary calls).

What to do if you are not admitted to the university

Automatically, the data will be sent and a digital document of receipt will be created in PDF format that must be saved on the device (computer, desk, mobile …). The receipt also indicates if there is any query that has failed and, therefore, if any additional documentation needs to be attached to the application. Therefore, you should read it carefully before saving it.Necessary documentationGeneral documentation that must be attached to the application in all cases

To prove that the student is part of a large or single-parent family. This information will be validated through inter-administrative consultations when the pre-enrollment application is made. Only when it is not possible to validate it for diplomas issued by other autonomous communities, it will be necessary to present the large family card or the single-parent family card.PRESENTLY:RequirementsThe pre-enrollment process for the 2021-2022 academic year will be done exclusively telematically through a form that can be found on the website where there is also all the information necessary to complete the process.

When is the UGR registration alteration?

Alteration: 1st four-month period: September 13 to 17, 2021. 2nd four-month period: February 21 to 28, 2021.

When is the UGR registration fee due?

Application Submission

o First deadline: from September 1 to October 15, 2021. o Second deadline: from February 7 to February 18, 2022. NOTE: Exceptionally, first-year students may submit their applications from the time of their enrollment.

How many careers can be chosen on the application?

You may apply to as many universities and programs as you wish. However, it should be taken into account that the procedures and deadlines for application and awarding are set by the corresponding universities and are usually different in each one.

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How to find out if you are accepted to college

Admission to the Universities is done in two phases, one for those who are ready to enter in June (First Phase or June Phase) and the other for those who are ready to enter in July (Second Phase or July Phase).

Pre-registration: Pre-registration will take place between June 8 and 28 through the web application that will be available at https://preinscripció In this first part, students must select the career or careers they wish to apply for. It is important to note that:

Publication of First Lists: On July 2, 2021, the first lists of admitted students and the waiting list for those degrees in which this is the case will be published. These lists will include all applicants as well as the degree in which they have been admitted. Coinciding with this publication, the period for claims to the lists will be opened (for those cases in which it is considered that the data in the lists are not what they should be).