How can I check the owner of a vehicle in Kenya?

How can I check the owner of a vehicle in Kenya?

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The result of a vehicle transfer in Barranquilla, is a new Traffic License, better known as a Property Card, where the name and identification of the new owner of the vehicle appears.

One of the requirements to make a transfer in Barranquilla is that both the buyer and the seller must have made the Runt registration in Barranquilla. This registration is valid for the entire national territory. Below is explained how to obtain the Runt in Barranquilla.

There are no RUNT offices in Barranquilla. Any application to the RUNT must be processed through the Secretary of Transit of Barranquilla. There are no RUNT offices in the offices of the Mayor’s Office of Barranquilla either.

The procedure consists of taking a “copy” of these numbers on a self-adhesive paper, which is then pasted on the FUNAL, which must be signed by both the buyer and the seller.

We will soon publish an article on how to take impressions, and a video on how to take impressions. In these videos, we will talk in detail about this specific topic of how to take engine and chassis impressions.

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In this article, we will explain what it is for, when national vehicle procedures are needed, as well as their requirements and the consequence of each procedure, that is to say, the product that each procedure produces.

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Initially we explain, according to the National Traffic Code, why there are traffic departments and the basic requirements to carry out a procedure in Colombia. Then each procedure is explained in detail.

Transit agencies: These are municipal, district or departmental administrative units that have by regulation the function of organizing and directing all matters related to transit and transportation in their respective jurisdictions.

For this reason, there is the transit of Cali, the transit of Medellín, the transit of Girón, the transit of Atlántico, the transit of Bucaramanga, the transit of Bogotá, SIM Bogotá, etc. Each of these entities is the transit authority in each of these jurisdictions, therefore, they are the places where transit procedures must be carried out. In some cities they are called Secretaría de Movilidad (Mobility Secretariat), such as the one in Bogotá. They are also called the Secretariat of Transit and Transportation.


So, you are buying a used car from a friend. You might think that the transaction is complete once the money changes hands. But there is one more crucial step: you must transfer the title to the car.

When you buy, sell, give away or receive a used car as a gift, the title along with the car insurance must be transferred to the new owner. If you go through a dealership, they will handle all the paperwork.

This applies to sales and purchases made by individuals. If you bought a new car at a dealership, you don’t need to worry about transferring the title. The dealer will take care of that for you.

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How can i check the owner of a vehicle in kenya? online

The truth is that in order to cross the border and get to Chile, you must take into account that each crossing has its own schedules, so the first advice we can give you is to check them first. Otherwise, it is possible that when you arrive at the checkpoint you will have to spend the night in your car waiting for it to reopen.

In addition, regarding the vehicle with which you are going to cross the border, the necessary documents are: if the tourists have permanent residence in Argentina, they must have the title of ownership of the car, that is to say, they must be the owners of the vehicle. This is proved by presenting the Cédula Verde (Green Card). In the case of traveling with someone else’s vehicle, it is also necessary to present the Cédula Azul, which indicates that the owner of the car is authorized to use it. It is not necessary to carry the title of ownership.

In case you want to cross into Chile with a vehicle and then return without it, you must make a transfer of possession of the vehicle to any other person who is in Chile, since the entry visa indicates that you entered with a vehicle. This procedure is done in the offices of any customs office with the presence and documents of the person who transfers and the person who takes possession of the vehicle. This does not enable the other person to dispose or use the car. It only works for the purpose of freeing the person to return without the car.

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