How do I cancel my active membership?

How do I cancel my active membership?

What happens if I do not have a fonasa or isapre?

In order to purchase a voucher, the affiliate must prove his/her status by presenting his/her identity card and health credential. If you are not accredited in the database, you must present the corresponding documentation according to your status as a member, either as an active dependent worker or as a pensioner.

1) Newborns, children of Fonasa affiliates, who are entitled to the family allowance of the father or mother, must be accredited as family dependents of the respective affiliate as soon as possible, at any of the Fonasa branches throughout the country, presenting the following documents:

If the family charge situation has not been regularized and the newborn needs access to health benefits, the health credential of the father or mother and the corresponding birth certificate must be presented jointly.

What is the information required to join Fonasa? The basic information that must be submitted at the time of joining Fonasa is: identity card, salary or pension statement and disaffiliation letter or contract termination form if coming from an Isapre.

How to disenroll from the SIS via Internet?

Remember that this Free SIS cancellation process is free of charge, so you will not have to pay anything for this service. Due to the COVID-19 crisis, you can carry out the process through WhatsApp or by email [email protected].

How to disaffiliate from the entrepreneurial SIS?

To stop belonging to the entrepreneur SIS, you have to stop making your monthly contributions to SUNAT. Keep in mind that if you miss just one payment, the SIS will be automatically cancelled. Another way to disenroll from the entrepreneurial SIS is to have another health insurance.

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How to disenroll from the voluntary IESS?

You can perform this process online by logging into the Labor History System (click here) with your ID and personal password. In the menu AFFILIATION / Register Departure Notice you can cancel your affiliation as a non-dependent person at any time you wish.

How to disenroll a family charge fonasa

It is an autonomous state entity with legal personality, which in the name and on behalf of the State exercises the function of ensuring strict compliance with Law 87-01 and its complementary rules of the Dominican Pension System.

It is an autonomous state entity with legal personality, which on behalf of the State will exercise the function of overseeing the strict compliance with Law 87-01 and its complementary norms in matters of health and labor risks, of supervising the financial solvency of the National Health Insurance (SENASA) and of the Health Risk Administrators (ARS).

They are intended for the administration of the health risks of the workers of a given institution, professional or technical sectors and/or members of associative entities; they exclusively affiliate those employees of the institution or members of the guild for which it was authorized, and their dependents.

It is the governing body that, through its technical bodies, exercises the highest national authority in health matters and is in charge of: – Regulating the social provision of health; – Directing and conducting health policies and actions; – Mobilizing resources of all kinds; – Monitoring the quality of health;

How to get a reference from the SIS?

To access the reference search, you must enter EsSalud’s institutional portal ( and go to the right side of the screen, where you will find the tab “Check the status of your reference”, where you must enter your ID card or reference number as a prerequisite.

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How long does the SIS insurance last?

8. After how long do I have to renew my Free SIS membership? Affiliation to the SIS Gratuito does not require renewal, as long as you maintain the affiliation requirements.

Where do SIS insured persons receive care?

SIS reminds that insured can be treated in any first level health facility of the Minsa. The measure remains in effect for the duration of the National State of Emergency. At the beginning of the pandemic, the SIS suspended the assignment to the assigned health center.

Online fonasa disaffiliation

Access the Microsite in the link below and follow these simple steps: Remember to check your email for the affiliation process notices that the Institute will be sending you.

In the case of the voting credential, it will consult the personal database of the National Electoral Institute (INE), to verify the validity and legitimacy of the data contained in such document.

We inform you that the personal data provided in connection with requests for access to information, or for the exercise of the ARCO right, are used strictly to give attention to the corresponding request.

What does SIS for All 2020 cover?

Financial coverage

Includes medicines, laboratory tests, surgical interventions, outpatient and inpatient care, emergency transfers, etc., plus a death benefit of up to S/. 1,000.00.

How much does the entrepreneurial SIS cost?

1 Go to a Registration Office

The person in charge will verify that you comply with the conditions and requirements and if you meet them, he/she will affiliate you. Remember that the enrollment process is free of charge, but in case of emergency you can be seen from the day after enrollment.

What happens if I am late in paying my voluntary IESS?

If the payment of contributions is not made within thirty (30) days after the corresponding month, the IESS will automatically register the withdrawal of the member, who may again become a member if he/she is not in arrears or has no outstanding obligations with the Social Security.

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How to disenroll a family charge online

In other words, if an EPS has advanced any action to achieve the payment of contributions by the employer or the independent worker, it can deny the payment of benefits. On the contrary, if it has not collected those periods, it must pay the benefits, since it accepted the employer’s or independent’s default.Contributory RegimeSocial ProtectionWhen does disaffiliation from the General Social Security Health System occur? Disaffiliation from the General Social Security Health System only occurs due to the death of the contributor or the beneficiary of the contributor. Contributory RegimeSocial ProtectionFrom when are the affiliates entitled to the care provided by the EPSs? The affiliates to the Contributory Regime are entitled to all the services of the Health Benefits Plan (not only to emergency care as it used to be), from the date of affiliation, the effective date of the transfer or mobility.

Disability is not paid from the resources of the General System of Social Security in Health, when it originates in treatments for esthetic purposes or which are excluded from the Health Benefits Plan.