How do I cancel my leisure Centre membership?

How do I cancel my leisure Centre membership?

Comfama monetary quota

The CPS will be issued, as a general rule, for a period of 30 days or less. The one issued online will be valid for 30 days. To obtain a CPS with a longer period of validity (maximum 6 months), it must be requested in person at the Provincial Services and Delegated Offices. To do so, it will be essential to justify, by providing the corresponding documentation, the reasons why this period is going to be exceeded and the TSE cannot be requested.

The period of validity is stated on the TSE/CPS itself. It is advisable to check that it covers the expected date of return, if not, it is advisable to apply for a new card to ensure coverage for the entire stay. At the end of this period, a new card may be requested.

In addition, the TSE (not the CPS) can be requested by ordinary mail, preferably addressed to the Provincial Service or Delegated Office of the member’s assignment. This type of application must be signed by the applicant. The TSE will be sent exclusively to the member’s address in the Agency’s database. The TSE will be received at the address indicated by the applicant within 10 days.

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How much does it cost to pay the compensation fund as an independent?

As an independent and/or contractor you have the option of becoming a member by contributing 0.6% of your base contribution income to the fund. With this contribution you will have access to the following services and benefits: Affiliation of beneficiaries at no cost.

How to talk to a Comfama advisor?

At the regional level the telephone number is (604) 360 70 80 and at the national level the line is 018000 415 455; it is used to handle requests for information, complaints, claims and compliments, as well as collection and telemarketing.

How can I become an independent member of a compensation fund?

A self-employed worker is not obliged to pay parafiscal contributions. However, he/she may join a family compensation fund to access some of the benefits offered by these funds, depending on the contribution percentage with which he/she makes the contribution.

Cafam monetary quota 2021

If the worker is already affiliated by the company, the worker or the company must review the “document guide”, have the required documents in PDF or image and follow the steps in Online Services, click here.

Requirements:What do I need to access the monetary quota of my subsidy/What are the requirements for accessing subsidies/What requirements must I meet for the subsidy/What is required to receive the subsidy/What is needed to register a beneficiary for the subsidy?

Expiration date of the monetary quota or family subsidy/ When does my subsidy or monetary quota expire/Consult the expiration date of the family subsidy or monetary quota/When does my subsidy or monetary quota expire?

Family Allowance: “In case of death of a dependent for whom the worker was receiving family allowance” what do I need to present/In case of death of a beneficiary worker what should I do to claim the death benefit/I have a maintenance claim, what should I do to receive the family allowance or monetary quota?

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How do I know if I am affiliated to a compensation fund?

To check which compensation fund you belong to, you can do so through the Single Registry of Affiliates (RAUF) of the Integrated Social Protection System, both on the website and by telephone at 5893750 (Bogota) and 018000960020 (rest of the country).

How much is the contribution to Caja de Compensación 2020?

The company or employer that is obliged to pay parafiscal contributions must contribute 4% of the base salary to the family compensation funds.

How much is the family compensation fund paid?

This contribution is made entirely by the employer and is equivalent to 4% of the employee’s salary and must be made on a monthly basis through a payment operator.

Comfama Credits

If you are already part of our compensation fund, we invite you to enjoy all the benefits we offer, such as subsidies, differential rates in our events, training courses, sports schools and many other services.

Our fund has available for all its members, membership services, subsidies, credits, training, recreation and sports. Live the experience of being part of this family compensation fund.

It consists of the payment of 2 SMMLV divided into three monthly installments, the payment of social security (health and pensions) on one (1) SMMLV and the payment of monetary quota for 3 months under the terms of Law 1636 of 2013 and Decree 770 of June 3, 2020.

What is Comfa?

Comfama – Caja de Compensación Familiar de Antioquia.

What benefits does an independent member have in the compensation fund?

By affiliating to the Family Compensation Fund and making a contribution of 0.6% of the contribution base, the self-employed worker’s benefits are limited to recreation, training and social tourism activities on equal terms with other members of the Fund.

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How much is the contribution to Caja de Compensación 2021?

Percentages of social security contributions in 2021

Health: 12.5% Pension: 16% Occupational risks: 0.522% (level I). Parafiscales (family compensation fund): 2 %.

How to join comfama as an independent

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