How do I find my logbook online?

How do I find my logbook online?

How to make a logbook in word

In my work, I often meet people who have been through several psychologists before coming to the Focus Unit. It is then that I ask them the difficult questions to which I rarely get a satisfactory answer regarding those therapies:

1º Session notes: Throughout the session, we will be taking notes of what seems relevant to us, what we think we might want to forget, what we might already know, but never take into account. Also, it works as a visual support to help us think.

2º Tasks agenda: In this section we will write down the tasks, guidelines or dynamics that the therapist will propose to us and the result of them. Watch a movie, play a game, make a decision, make a record…. It does not matter what the task is or if it obtained the desired result, recording it is therapeutic in itself.

3º Situation register: In this section we will write down everything that happens outside the session and that we want to rescue in the following session, since outside therapy there are situations in which the therapeutic process comes to mind spontaneously, but that are usually forgotten quickly. Experiences that are repeated, habitual conflicts or, simply, a revealing thought that we do not want to be lost again among all our defenses.

What is a log and an example?

The logbook is a notebook in which the progress and preliminary results of a project are reported. It includes in detail, among other things, observations, ideas, data, progress and obstacles in the development of the activities carried out for the development of the school project.

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What is a logbook?

A logbook is, at present, a notebook or publication that allows a written record of various actions to be kept. Its organization is chronological, which facilitates the review of the contents noted. … Blogs collect information of all kinds and can be written by one or more authors.

What is log in art?

With some inaccuracy, a notebook that allows us to record our creative or artistic dalliances is commonly referred to as a “logbook”. Therefore, it is almost commonplace for design, advertising or art schools to give space in different courses to the use of a logbook.

How to make a creative logbook

So, we can say that the school logbook is a tool that follows the chronological progress of a project. It is a notebook or digital document in which a report of the progress and results of the project is written down, including details that describe the conditions under which the work has been done, as well as annotations that include the date of completion of the activities, observations, ideas, data, modifications, progress and obstacles that arise during the realization of the project in question.

What is a logbook in education?

The logbook is a form of communication with the student in which he/she is involved as an active part of his/her own training process; its management is simple, it complements face-to-face activities, favors teacher-student interaction and provides support for evaluation and feedback activities (5 …

How to make a scientific log?


Select the notebook to be used as a logbook; it should preferably be sewn, hard cover and have enough pages. Number all the pages from the fourth sheet onwards. On the first sheet of paper present the data for the cover page.

How do you start a travel log?

A travel log is a personal diary and, therefore, there are no fixed rules for making it. Some people think that it is a tool only suitable for those who have a blog or write about travel, but they are wrong. In essence, it is a personal, intimate space, and therefore suitable for anyone.

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School blog

My friend Cecilio tells me that blogging sounds like blogging to many people, and there is a logic to it. A blog is a personal diary in which thoughts, news, occurrences, etc. are written down. Normally, the entries are listed in reverse chronological order. In other words, that’s what it is: a kind of electronic notebook published on the Internet. It is so logical that in Catalan this is the solution that has been officially adopted, as we shall see.

In Catalan, Termcat (the terminology center for the Catalan language) officially adopted the form bloc in 2005. It was considered that the popular etymology (the image of the notepad) and the pronunciation [blók] sufficiently motivate this form.

And what does the Academy say? Neither yes nor no, quite the contrary. Whoever wants to, should read the article on the blog in the DPD and, if he understands what the academic position is, should come back and explain it to all of us.

What do you put in a construction log?

In construction, the construction logbook is a notebook that forms part of the contract and is used to record in it any situation that arises during the course of the construction work that differs from that established in the technical annexes of the contract.

What is a logbook?

It is a book that tells us about the life or experience of a special person. It also serves in the development of a trip to write in it. Logbooks have evolved and there are several classifications as well as various resources to elaborate them.

What is a drawing log?

The logbook is a notebook in which artists collect their ideas, notes and sketches; through this resource they can keep track of their personal plastic work, visualizing processes and achievements.

What is a personal log

Pedro had directed the reading of my text El suelo que sostiene a Hande, at the Sala Berlanga, and Mario wanted to start a project with Pedro’s direction. Mario had read C.H.A.P.P.M.A.N. and wanted to talk to me about the possibilities of staging it. I had that text arranged with another actor for a possible staging that hopefully would come out soon, so that text was out of the question.

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I spent a lot of time reading and watching videos and news about the case they proposed to me, to find out what things might be relevant to my writing, what things resonated with me. These are some general ideas that later had a presence in the text:

There were lots and lots of news because the case had the incentives for the tabloids to fill pages talking about the boy and his environment. I was especially attracted to the theme of fear in the family environment, the figure of the sister, the young murderer as innocent because of his age, although savage for his act. I felt that the story had classical echoes that could lead me to write a contemporary tragedy using as references many works and myths of the Greek tradition.