How do I remove a number plate from a screw UK?

How do I remove a number plate from a screw UK?

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You are looking for SIV approved car license plates or personalized car license plates suitable for all vehicles. Do you want to personalize your car license plate respecting the homologation?  Feel free to use our WORLDPLAK configurator for SIV car license plates.  On April 15, 2009, the old National Registration File FNI was replaced by the new Vehicle Registration System for all vehicles. is the French N ° 1 for the purchase and personalization of homologated or decorative license plates, for all types of vehicles.  With the most advanced online configurator on the market, create your license plates in a few minutes and receive them directly at your home or at a relay point in only 48 hours.

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As of April 15, 2009, the old license plates (FNI system) are obsolete.  Choose among our models of personalized plexiglass plates.  Car license plate, motorcycle license plate, caravan, trailer, bicycle carrier… You will find everything you need to register any type of vehicle.  The price of our Plexiglas® plates is 12 € regardless of the format.

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On the RT and on the C-Max I use “plastic” license plates; they are much cooler and theoretically they age better (I say theoretically because I have already changed a plate on the C-Max because the printing was cracking…).

To fix them, I spoke with the supplier of the acrylic license plate and he advised me against using double-sided tape (and there are Wurth tapes with a load capacity a thousand times the weight of the license plate) and recommended me to use a quality mounting glue of the type “No more nails” for non-porous materials.

This supplier emphasized to me that the type of fixation of the license plate is not described in any standard; if it were for anti-tampering security the most complex to remove and put is riveted (nothing that a drill and a riveter do not allow you to replace in 4 minutes), and nevertheless today most of the license plates of both new cars and motorcycles are delivered screwed.

As I am one of those that the license plate does not bring me anything “beautiful” or “ugly” because I think that gives the vehicle regardless of what it carries, I would take it riveted with some little white plugs.

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