How do you use a Tassimo voucher?

How do you use a Tassimo voucher?

Cafetera tassimo

Esta política establece cómo utilizamos su información y le proporciona información sobre los datos personales que recopilamos, cómo los mantenemos seguros, cómo garantizamos el mantenimiento de su privacidad y sus derechos relacionados con la información personal que tenemos sobre usted.

Entendemos que la privacidad y la seguridad de su información personal es extremadamente importante y nos comprometemos a mantener la confianza de los visitantes de nuestros sitios web y de nuestros clientes manteniendo sus datos personales seguros y respetando sus derechos de privacidad.

Los tipos de datos enumerados anteriormente no son exhaustivos y, en algunos casos, es posible que necesitemos recopilar datos adicionales para los fines establecidos en esta política o para ofrecerle determinados productos y servicios.

Si compra con nosotros utilizando una tarjeta de crédito o débito, o si tomamos estos datos para la autorización del pago, recogeremos y almacenaremos esta información de forma segura. Le preguntaremos si desea que almacenemos automáticamente estos datos para agilizar futuros pagos. Si establece un pago por domiciliación bancaria, también recogeremos sus datos bancarios.

Tassimo capsules

Step 5.Now look at your shopping cart to see how much you have saved. Did you see? It’s more fun to make a purchase with our codes. For your next online purchase don’t forget to come back to

Discover the wide range of coffee machines of the Bosch brand with which you can enjoy a multitude of drinks through capsules in a very quick and easy way. In Tassimo shop you can purchase both the machines and all types of beverages for it and its accessories to keep your coffee maker as the first day. You will be able to offer your visitors the best coffee, tea or chocolate they have ever tasted since its great quality is unmatched thanks to its texture and flavor.

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Register your Tassimo machine and receive a 10€ discount for your first order and now you are in luck, you will receive an additional 10€ for your second order! Find out all the details below.

With this code you will get on any of our drink packs (excluding promotional packs). If you want an exclusive code for you or for your store, contact us, we can make you a personalized one!

Tassimo style

The beverage is usually prepared specifically in the specifically molded vinyl insert. It means that the type of coffees can evolve directly after each cup. The Tassimo machine learns how the drink has been prepared by means of a barcode on the front inside the blank Tassimo disc and will therefore prepare it precisely. In addition to coffees plus coffee, cocoa plus green tea drinks can also be prepared in the Tassimo.

Place the special gifts you want within the e-commerce software and your package will be quickly delivered directly to your home at no cost with the purchase associated with 30 € or even more. Device vouchers can only be redeemed if you are registered.

Most of us reveal you crucial details along with beneficial techniques right now. It seems sensible to check your own junk mail folder after a couple of minutes. Has actually the e-newsletter subscription in your mailbox been unsubscribed? A private coupon coming from TASSIMO will simply be delivered when you have actually tried the newsletter subscription. Savings can be obtained to be able to fresh as well as frequent buyers. Throughout cooperation along with TASSIMO, all of us currently offer you two coupons in order to give back customers.

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Tassimo capsules

And of course, you may be asking yourself, which coffee machine should I buy? Which brand is the best for me? Nowadays we can find several brands on the market, with different capsule systems and different types of beverages to brew.

Normally, people choose an accessible brand of coffee, which can be easily found in any supermarket or neighborhood store and at an economical price. Based on these premises, we compared the two most popular single-dose systems among users: Dolce Gusto and Tassimo.

The Tassimo system uses Intellibrew technology, in which the coffee machine scans the barcode of each capsule to obtain the information it needs: the amount of water, the brewing time and the optimum temperature for each type of beverage.

But when deciding on one or the other, we must take into account its features and price, Dolce Gusto coffee makers are between 79 – 169 € and those of its rival between 79-184 €, although there is always an offer to save a few euros.