How expensive is it to replace a timing belt?

How expensive is it to replace a timing belt?

Timing belt price renault

Without water pump, changing the timing belt of the timing kit is cheaper. The podium of savings in this case is starring Jaén, Las Palmas and Palencia, with € 258.34, € 275.97 and € 304.54 on average in repairs in 2017, respectively.

Tallerator wants to highlight the importance of keeping the timing belt in good condition: it is recommended to carry out its revision in the maintenance of 80,000 km and maintenance 120,000 kilometers. Its poor condition or breakage will cause a serious engine failure. And if it is also circulating, it can cause a dangerous accident.

How much does it cost to change the timing belt and water pump?

The average price for the replacement of the timing belt with water pump in Spain is 481 euros.

How long does a timing belt last?

A timing belt can last up to 10 years, but these are more isolated cases. It is always recommended to have it checked every 4-5 years and, depending on the condition of the belt, decide whether to change it or not.

What happens when the timing belt breaks while running?

The main problem when a timing belt breaks while the engine is running is that the other elements of the engine lose synchronism and start to rub against each other (valves, pistons…). Failures in this situation are quite serious, and in many cases require engine replacement.

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If you don’t meet the mentioned mileage, you’ll have to keep an eye on the weather. To do this, we recommend that you visually check the condition of the timing belt for signs of wear, such as cracks or holes. Other symptoms that can alert you are vibrations in the engine or if the car shakes while driving.

The type of driving we do also influences the deterioration of the timing belt. Regular driving in urban environments, extreme climates, aggressive driving, high levels of pollution and dust or short journeys have a greater effect on the life of the belt. In this sense, vehicles such as cabs, delivery vans, commercial vehicles, buses… are serious candidates to constantly check the timing belt.

When should I change the timing belt of my Gol Trend?

Generally, the ideal is to change the timing belt every 5 years.

What is changed together with the timing belt?

As you know, the belt synchronizes the permanent movement of pistons and valves. But the timing kit includes, in addition to the belt itself, those other elements subject to wear and tear that we recommend you change: the idlers and tensioners.

How many kilometers does the timing belt of the Gol Trend last?

Recommended every 70,000km or when indicated by the manufacturer.

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Timing belt replacement workshop

A broken timing belt is one of the most frequent “expensive breakdowns” that car owners have to deal with. As with dual-mass flywheel breakdowns, it sometimes occurs unpredictably, but in many other cases it could have been avoided. Learn with us how to minimize the risks.

The manufacturer of your vehicle will recommend a maximum mileage that you should travel before changing the belt (ranging between 60,000 and 160,000 km, approximately). In case we move frequently in urban environments we should shorten this mileage by 20%, since the belt is “working” even if the car does not travel kilometers (for example in traffic jams, traffic lights, pedestrian crossings, etc.).

A clear example: if the manufacturer says that the belt must be changed every 120,000 km, it is not the same to travel them in 6th gear at 2,000 RPM on the highway at 120 km/h as it is to travel them in the city over thousands of start-stops without going beyond 4th gear on short journeys.

When do I change the timing belt of my Caddy?

In the case of Volkswagen Caddy vehicles the mileage for timing belt replacement is 100,000 to 120,000 kilometers or 5 years, remember that this is only the recommended mileage but even so the belt can wear out long before having reached the established mileage, there is not a specific …

When to change timing belt Golf 7 16 TDI?

VW recommends changing it every 30,000 km.

When to change timing belt caddy 20 tdi?

The timing belt should normally be replaced between 100,000 and 200,000 kilometers.

Price of labor to change the timing kit

These items can usually be found in the technical brochure or in the car’s approach loader.  If the timing belt is also intended to operate the water pump, its replacement also involves changing the pump.  In fact, this causes the engine to stop and irreversibly wear the upper part of the engine.

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It is a relatively expensive intervention, but much cheaper than a complete replacement of the engine of your car.  On average, the price of changing the timing belt is 603 €.  However, the price of changing the timing belt can vary greatly from one car model to another.  Therefore, we recommend that you check with Vroomly for the best price for a timing belt replacement for your car.  The more difficult it is to access your timing belt, the more the price of the main job will increase.  It takes an average of 4 to 5 hours to replace the entire timing belt kit.  A timing belt is an essential part of the engine, it is the driver of your engine.