What is DPI in mouse?

What is DPI in mouse?

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Or, if you have a mouse pack Xl as in the case of the Nemesis model, you can reduce the DPI mouse by having more room to maneuver. That is to say, the more DPI mouse, the more sensitivity will be obtained from the rodent on the screen. This sensitivity is therefore related to the speed with which the tool travels in a short space of time from one point to another.

If you have too much DPI, it will delay milliseconds, making it impossible to capture the movement with the eye. And this is probably due to the fact that the mouse has too many DPI for the type of monitor you have. The points measured in inches (DPI) correspond to a measurement of how sensitive a mouse is.

In other words, the higher the DPI, the greater the mobility of the pointer on the screen when moving the mouse. If you have a very high DPI mouse setting, it will pick up and react to smaller movements.  Currently, these gaming-focused mice are released with one powerful and high DPI mouse, as well as polling rates.

What is the dpi in a gamer mouse?

Remember the days when you only had to work with a mechanical mouse to navigate your PC? The one with a roller ball underneath, which aids your movement on the mouse pad, and you struggle to do without it?

Fortunately, technology is constantly evolving, so most devices tend to improve over time. And besides, you’d rather keep that roller mechanism in a deodorant, wouldn’t you? The ubiquitous computer mouse has upped its motion game and so remains an indispensable tool despite modern touchscreen capabilities. Its importance not only for work, but especially in today’s games where you have to rely on a good mouse, cannot be downplayed. In fact, its DPI is one of the main considerations that can be crucial for any serious gamer.

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DPI or Dots Per Inch is related to the sensitivity of the mouse, which is determined by the movement of the cursor on your computer screen, which is dictated by the way you move the mouse device. Are you able to jump right next to the dot with the slightest touch or manipulation of your mouse hardware? The DPI of the mouse tells you the distance in centimeters involved in your movement. In an example, the 800 DPI will cover 800 pixels of the screen floor within one inch of mouse movement. By virtue of this, the higher the DPI of your mouse, the less mouse movement you will need.

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These specifications are usually more important to gamers, which is why you tend to see the values prominently in the advertising and packaging that gaming mice come with. You have to know that you don’t need high precision or fast reaction time when surfing the web or working on a spreadsheet. And you don’t even have to worry too much, unless you’re playing those typical games where a competitive edge matters.

There was a time when PC mice contained a rubber ball that rolled (and picked up dirt) as it moved across a pad. The movement of the ball was picked up by mechanical rollers that translated the mouse movement into something your computer could understand. Those days are over, and today we have optical and laser mice.

DPI is a marketing strategy for the gaming mouse. The importance of DPI is a myth. In fact, if you are a professional gamer in first person shooter games, it would be a good idea to use a lower DPI (e.g. 800 or 1200), as a lower DPI will give you more accuracy.

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When looking for the best gaming mouse, besides choosing the one with the amount of RGB you like the most, one of the main features you should take into account is the DPI of the gaming mouse. For example, our Spitfire gaming mouse has 12,000 DPI, but do you know what DPI is and why it is so important? Our technicians explain it in this post for you to know its relevance in gaming. Get comfortable in your gaming chair… Here we go!

Getting technical, when we talk about the DPI (Dots per Inch) of a gaming mouse, we are talking about Dots (pixels) per inch that it covers, referring to the sensitivity of this mouse. The translation to gaming is that the higher the DPI of the mouse, the higher the sensitivity of the mouse and, therefore, the cursor we see on the screen will travel a longer distance. If a mouse has 8000 DPI, it will move 8000 pixels per inch traveled (2.54 centimeters).

Looking for your perfect gaming mouse? Our variety will make it difficult for you to choose one: all of them can be adjusted in DPI and have their software available for download on the web. Which do you like better, with or without RGB?