Why will Facebook not let me make an account?

Why will Facebook not let me make an account?

Why I can’t create a google account

i can’t open a face book account i have already done all the steps but lastly it asks me for a phone number i put it in and they send me a code i write it down and it is not valid i have done it many times with all the codes they send me and none of them accept it. what can i do whatever i do it sends me to that page where they ask me for a phone number.

I have to create your email first go to hotmail go to the last thing register hotmail create your data there and that then go to faceboook complete those data and click on register yasta I hope it helps you.

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What to do when you cannot create a Facebook account?

Try creating an account with an email address instead of a mobile number. If you try to sign up for a new Facebook account with the same or similar name, phone number and password as an account you have already created, you will be logged into the account you already have.

Why won’t Facebook let me create a page?

If you have problems creating a page: Make sure the name complies with our rules. Please note that only official representatives can create a Facebook page for organizations, companies, brands or public figures. … If you already have a page, you can change its name or username.

How many Facebook accounts can I create with my cell phone number?

No, it is not possible to have two Facebook accounts with the same mobile number. But you can have two Facebook accounts by registering with two different email addresses. And if you want to access them on your smartphone, you can do so by installing 2 applications, Facebook and Facebook Lite.

There was an error with your registration. register again. facebook 2020

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The name of your page corresponds to the name of your business and the category you should choose the most appropriate. For example, if you type clothing, you will see all the options available in that category.

Once you upload the cover photo the next view will open with the sample of your Fan Page created. Technically you can say that it works, but for everything to look the right way, I recommend you to do the complete configuration.

Here you can see an image of the one I created for this guide. Notice that it has the name of the page, profile picture, cover photo and on the right side, you can see the business information.

If you want to highlight or share content from other Fan Pages either because you have a business relationship with those brands, or simply because you want to collaborate and network, there are two options to do so: Featured and cross-posting.

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How many pages can be created with one Facebook account?

While you can only have a single Facebook Profile associated with your name, you can have an unlimited number of Pages associated with your account. Unlike Profiles, multiple people can manage and contribute to a Page using their own Facebook login information.

How much does it cost to create a Facebook page?

Facebook does NOT charge you for creating a business page.

Likewise, neither does it charge you for promoting it on your own and trying to get followers and “Likes” if you do it in a way, let’s say…

How much does it cost to create a Facebook page?

There is no cost to set up a Facebook Page. Once you have created your Page, you can also use it to post content, redirect to your website and communicate with fans and followers for free.

Create another facebook account

Once you have filled in the basic information, you must select a profile and cover image for your page. This step should be done consciously and not make random decisions, since it is the most visual aspect, the one that your visitors will see first.

Configure aspects such as publication permissions, publication visibility, notifications creation, different filters, etc. I advise you to carefully read all the options and modify the parameters to adapt them to your objectives.

How can I have 2 Facebook accounts on my cell phone?

How to have two facebook accounts on the same cell phone

The first thing you must do is once you have downloaded the Facebook App register one of the accounts. Once you have it registered, you must select that you want to log out. Now you must register the second account with which you want to log in.

How can I open several Facebook accounts at the same time?

To open a second, different Facebook account in the same browser, click on the “three lines” menu icon and select anonymous window. There is the keyboard shortcut CTRL + SHIFT + N; Step 3. Insert the second login with your data and wait.

How do I know which accounts are linked to my phone number?

Go to the Google app where you linked the third-party account to your Google Account. For example, the Google Home app, the Google Assistant app, or the YouTube app. Select Partner Accounts, Linked Accounts, or Apps. You may find this option in the Google app’s Settings.

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Why I can’t register my facebook account

Similarly, leaving the “Online” sector, those of a bar or a restaurant like “El Celler de Can Roca”, that of a Spa Hotel like “Balneario de Archena”, as well as clothing stores, shoe stores, bookstores, etc. also have a place here.

This category does not need too many explanations, since it is aimed at all types of users (famous or not) who seek to give social promotion to themselves, as is the case of the so-called “Influencers”.

The first thing to do is to start, in a preliminary way, to get fans for your page. And what better way than inviting all those friends you have on your personal profile to “like” it.

Here you can use a video, as I mentioned recently, so if you have the means to create and edit online videos, it could be an element that will give some engagement to your Fan Page.

In this case, we will choose for this example “@minegociodemarketing” and, if you look at the following image, once written a green “check” symbol appears, confirming that this username is free.