Can I insulate my attic myself?

Can I insulate my attic myself?

Insulate walls and ceilings from cold or heat without works (Bricocrack)

I have just bought a penthouse (block house), currently under construction, of 80 m2 + 16 m2 lower terrace and another 110 m2 upper terrace for use and enjoyment. I have a meeting in the next few days with the builder, because in my case, I opted to make some modifications, in terms of windows, insulation and underfloor heating (instead of radiators) and aerotermia (instead of gas boiler), and I have to be clear what to ask, since they will not make me own projects, they will try to conform to what I ask them. The apartment is this:

1-How much isolation to put in exterior facade¿?: I had thought in a value between 8 and 14 cm, but I do not know if I should consider more or less, I wanted to know opinions. In principle the builder is going to put rock wool, I do not know if they will let me change the type of insulation for a better one, and what do you think. If you really look at the windows occupy almost the entire wall, so much so that there are only 22 m2 of facade to the outside (minus the window).

2-How much insulation to put in dividing walls: It is always said that the dividing walls are considered 0 loss because they are all hot, but I do not agree, many times the neighbors do not turn on the heating, or are not there, or have it off half a day, or a long etc … and I think that if I make an “insulated refrigerator” I will always give my heat after insulating it to the neighbor. I also understand that I might not have to put the same level of insulation as if it faces outside. On one side it faces the stair/elevator shaft, on the other a neighbor.

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How to insulate attic ceiling?

Fiberglass is the most common choice for attic insulation and can come pre-cut to fit typical attic framing and rafters. Blanket insulation may also have an air and vapor barrier on one side to prevent condensation and to facilitate attachment of the insulation to the attic.

How to insulate a terrace from heat?

We propose 3 solutions to thermally insulate the exterior of your home: Thermal Paint: Ideal for walls and roofs (interior and exterior) Projected Cork: Ideal for walls, roofs and floors (smooth and rough finish) Anti-thermal rubber paint: Ideal for walkable terraces and decks.

What is the best insulation for the attic?

One of the materials that works best is fiberglass. It is a very effective resource. In addition, it serves the same function as a vapor barrier.

The Home Depot | Insulate Your Home From The Cold

The insulation of roofs has a bad solution, and even if you insulate the roof well, you will always have thermal bridges in the facade, in the siding, etc. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, then it’s difficult. I think that one solution would be to raise the floor leaving a ventilation chamber, so that the sun does not shine directly on the roof, but on this floor. The intermediate air chamber would evacuate the heat.For this you can use a system of plastic blocks that you put on the whole deck, and on them you place tiles of the material you want.They resist the weight of a hippopotamus, so you will not have weight problems.Also the deck will be protected from the community, so they can be rolled up with the “sponsorship” or part of it.I saw this product in Construmat, but I do not have the information of the manufacturer or distributor at hand.Greetings, Luis

How to insulate a galvanized sheet roof?

By using the ceiling or false ceiling, it is placed on the outside metalized part of the ceiling so that the heat or cold is concentrated between the glass wool and the inside face of the galvanized ceiling. The glass wool can be cut to fit in sections that do not close or have gaps.

How to insulate a house ceiling?

An effective way to insulate a roof is to place rigid layers combined with soft ones (cork, expanded polystyrene…) fixed to the existing roof. Normally, the soft or spring elements are glued with contact glue and the rigid ones are adhered as a false ceiling.

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How to cover a terrace from the cold?

One of the best ways to insulate a terrace from cold or heat is through glazing. Nowadays there are very attractive practical solutions for glazing a terrace, such as glass curtains.

How to insulate the ceiling with decorative panels – Bricomania

During the winter we have surely noticed a cold sensation in our home despite having the heating on and even walls or ceilings that were cold to the touch. Now in summer, history repeats itself but in reverse. Some walls and ceilings are hot in summer and turn our house into a real oven. Walls transmit heat from the outside.

A properly insulated home can save around 30% of the energy it is consuming, both air conditioning in summer and heating in winter, because the heat is also filtered through the walls to the inside or to the outside…

Light colors will help us to achieve greater refraction of the sun’s rays and therefore less incidence on the walls and terraces. In the image: application of the first coat of anti-thermal rubber paint.

Thermal paints or liquid ceramic paints have hollow ceramic microspheres inside. These microspheres form a virtual air cushion on the surface of the walls and ceilings, creating a thermal barrier that prevents heat or cold from the outside from being transferred to the inside of the house, while at the same time preventing heat and cold from the inside from escaping through the walls. With the Ceramic Thermal Paint you will retain the heat in your house in winter and get a cool environment in summer.

How to insulate a terrace from the cold?

Insulate the windows of your terrace from the cold.

And the best allies are the glass curtains, a system of glass sheets that, through a folding mode sheet by sheet, allows you to collect them completely without effort and without taking up space.

How much does it cost to put Insulacion?

The average price for the installation of wall cladding is usually between 7 and 40 €/m2.

What does the word Insulacion mean?

f. A procedure that prevents the entry of something into an enclosed space.

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How to insulate an attic, attic or loft

My attic is running 135Fahrenheit (55 Celsius) and above right now. And that’s before it gets to the hottest part of the day! The A/C guy said the A/C is working perfectly. But he tested the roof, and it’s a completely different temperature than what’s coming out of the A/C vents! So I’m boiling in my new home, even at night!

The A/C guy verified that it’s terribly insulated in my attic. I have a radiant barrier (whatever that is), but not enough insulation to prevent heat transfer to the rest of my house. The second story is definitely the hottest, but even the first story is too hot. Because of this, my electric bill is crazy that I can’t afford either because the A/C can never work hard enough to do the job I want it to do.

It has been suggested to me to put insulation rolls on the attic floor. After trying to read online how to do this and what type of insulation to buy, I am overwhelmed by all the information provided as well as references to blowers, joists and many other words that are completely new to me.