Can you spearfishing with scuba gear in Florida?

Can you spearfishing with scuba gear in Florida?


In the links pages there is a site with a couple of videos of ente fishing with bottles in some shallows near florida with a lot of amberjack around. awesome. check it out if you can.I did not give it much publicity at the time because for those who do not understand that this may be allowed in the USA it may seem very strange and wild.

User, this page of vido is very good.    The guy who produces it (also called Benjamin) lives near me.    So I reiterate, if anyone wants to come, I offer an open invitation.    By the way, this weekend we have the “St. Pete Open” tournament.    The link is:!~Ben.

…so I hope to tell you more on Monday.    I have just been invited to go out on a boat.    We are going to go out 90 miles (160 km?) and dive to 130 feet (40 meters?).    So…I’m thinking of registering for the tournament.    Let’s see if we get lucky… Do you want good pictures?    These just came out:!~Ben.

Where is spearfishing not allowed?

Spearfishing may not be carried out within 250 meters of the areas delimited for bathing or any other water sport, respecting a minimum distance of 300 meters with respect to professional purse seine or trawling gear or 500 meters from tuna angling, in its various modalities.

What is required for the spearfishing license?

The law requires to be able to fish, a sub fishing license and a valid insurance for the practice of sub fishing, which may vary depending on the autonomous community where it is requested.

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What can be caught in spearfishing?

Stalking or Indian fishing

Typical species: Dentex, samas, snappers, sea bass, bluefish, barracudas, sea bream, sea bream, salps, corvinas…


Spearfishing or spearfishing, also known as spearfishing (CSM) is a form of fishing conducted in scuba diving, which involves catching some underwater fish and shellfish as well as collecting algae, sea urchins, shellfish, sponges and pearls.

However, the practice is very dangerous and divers suffer traumas and diseases due to the pressure: in particular ear problems, already mentioned by Aristotle. The techniques of swinging eardrums will not be used by divers before the XIXth century.

Fishermen used arrows (bow), spears or harpoons to fish from the water’s edge (fishing from the shore) or from boats. But swimming or spearfishing were certainly much more exceptional; the pioneers may have been the Polynesians who developed some unusual diving techniques.

What does it take to fish with a speargun?

To fish with a speargun, according to the firearms regulations, it is necessary to have a valid federative license. In person (currently, an appointment is required, tel. 971 17 60 94).

How long does the spearfishing license last?

Description. This license authorizes its holder for underwater recreational sea fishing. It is valid for a period of one year from the date of issue or renewal.

When can I go spearfishing in Galicia?

Submarine is allowed: Between May 1 and September 30, allowed every day. Outside these dates, spearfishing is only allowed: Saturdays, Sundays and state or regional holidays.


Remembering that spearfishing is the most ecological way of fishing, this website wants to help as much as possible to all those who have the same passion as us. Within the different spearfishing techniques, each modality uses different materials.

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In the stalking technique the use of 90-95 spearguns, with roller or double rubber system, lead anklets, weight vests, camouflage spearfishing suits and carbon or fiber fins is the most common.

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When is it possible to go fishing by boat?

Boating activities, such as recreational boating and boat fishing, will be authorized in phase 3, i.e., as of June 8. It will be with the implementation of the last phase of the de-escalation and return to normality plan that boats will be able to sail.

Why do you fish at night?

Night fishing is favorable for anglers, because at dusk the fish move closer to the shores. Fishing kicking, rigging and landing with a float on board are very simple techniques, very effective with good catches. … Light poles are very favorable because the fish are attracted by the light.

What is forbidden to fish?

Sparavels, nets, spoons, scoops, scales, candlesticks, sleeves, sieves and rakes, butrones and garlitos; fishing lines and long lines; grampines, tridents, hooks, claws and harpoons; pots, bows and arrows, crossbows and the use of bricks, bundles of firewood, sheaves or similar means of action.

Prohibited fishing gear

It is our main ally to be able to endure long hours soaking. It helps us to maintain our body heat and to protect us from the environment. There are many types, all of them are made of neoprene but with different finishes and thicknesses. If we make a classification by thickness, we have suits of 3, 5, 7 mm …

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The most used fins for spearfishing are long and with closed footpockets, with a length ranging from 70cm to 90cm long. This way we get more strength with only one movement. There are different types, plastic, fiberglass or kevlar, carbon, … The brands are available in different sizes….

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