Do I need an electrician to install an extractor fan in my bathroom?

Do I need an electrician to install an extractor fan in my bathroom?

How to install an air conditioner exhaust fan

Mold or black stains on the walls? These are the visible symptoms of a moisture problem in a house, but it means that there are others behind. The electrical installation can be affected, and this is something to avoid at all costs.

A house needs a certain level of ambient humidity. The recommended optimum level is between 40 or 50%, and a higher level will help to cause problems with dampness or mold, mostly caused by condensation. The solution is to prevent humidity from stagnating, and some basic tips for this are to install electric dehumidifiers or to ventilate the house for ten minutes a day.

Humidity also means higher electricity consumption. The more humidity, the more difficult it is to heat or cool a home, and therefore more air conditioning in summer to reduce the feeling of heat or more heating in winter.

Dampness due to exterior seepage, mainly in the rainy months, is caused by deficiencies in the insulation of the house: if it is poorly waterproofed or if the walls are badly deteriorated. In this case, water makes its way through the building materials and appears in the form of leaks, black spots or mold. This is the most dangerous type of damp because it is imperceptible until it is too late.

How to install an exhaust fan with timer

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Where to place an extractor fan in the bathroom

We are endorsed by more than thirty years in the sector. After the visit we make a study of the different problems and propose the fastest and most economical solution according to the prescriptions of the owner.

I am an electrician technician available for electrical installations structured networks installation of cable trays installation of structured cabling installation of metal piping, electrical panels.

Hundreds of professional electricians located in Vilablareix and surroundings will receive a notice with your request and those who show interest will contact you, offering you a quote and personalized rates for electricians.

Air extractor placement

Volume 3: It is placed between volume 2 and vertical planes equidistant at a distance of 2.4 meters. The electrical mechanisms of volume 2 and sockets are accepted, with isolation transformers or protected with high sensitivity differential switch (maximum 30mA) and magneto-thermal switch.

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We give as an example water and gas pipes, and all types of metallic piping, without forgetting the metallic structure of the building. Regarding lighting, it is always advisable to use 12v LED bulbs.