Do you need planning permission for Velux roof lights?

Do you need planning permission for Velux roof lights?

Permits to fix a house

We take care of urgent jobs or repairs. We start saying this because for many customers this is the most important thing, you have a serious problem and you demand a quick and solvent solution. That is what we offer, a quality service performed with the urgency that the case requires.  Some of the works that we do in our company are the

We must think and plan some basic points, such as, what is the type of structure that best suits us, what materials we will use, ceiling height and difficulty of access, the first thing to note is that these works require a municipal building permit and the corresponding technical project, conducted by a qualified technician, quantity surveyor or architect, and endorsed by the professional association concerned, as it is a major reform. As a professional company we must submit ourselves to what is approved in the building permit issued by the city council.

The first thing to consider is the time of work that requires the reform you intend to run, the longer the greater the cost, however, it is not always necessary to execute a major work, as it is possible that sometimes you can reuse part of the roof structure and can opt for a rehabilitation instead of throwing the existing roof and build a new one from scratch. We can advise you in the right way on the best solution for your roof and possibly at a lower cost than you expected.    4.1. Re-roofing or Replacing Broken Shingles

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When a building permit is required

and the second is… what does the project say? because that is not re-roofing, that would be a minor work, that is a full-fledged change of roof, and by affecting the structure (increased weight) and the thermal envelope of the building (insulation), then it becomes a major work, at least in my town hall, and requires a visa project.

40 mm double layer means 40+40, or 20+20?, in any case, not knowing which is your area, for Asturias, 80 cm does not comply, in my house, 30 km from the coast with temperatures between 0 and 30 (more or less), the calculations speak of 140 mm of insulation (plus 3 of wood, lath, ventilated chamber, laminate, lath and tile), that without taking into account that I do not know if the regulations have already changed (if not already, it will soon) and 140 mm could be short.

Something that is not clear to me although I understand it is deduced from the skylights is that this roof corresponds to a habitable under cover, or is it not habitable? Because if it is intended to be habitable (and regulations aside) it is going to have to be much more demanding with insulation and execution than if that roof only serves for water to drip down the sides.

How much is charged for opening a window in a wall?

For practical purposes, this is the construction of a new home, so you have to apply for a change of use and, at the end of the works, apply for a First Occupancy license. This requires an architect to draw up the project.

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Factors that make the change of use impossibleAs it is a “new construction”, the new house must comply with the CTE (Technical Building Code) and the town planning regulations of the town hall itself. The most common impediments are:

-Impossibility of complying with any section of the CTE. In order to have a house, it is necessary to study mainly the sections of Accessibility (SUA) and Health (HS) …. minimum ventilation and lighting…

The most important thing is to know that not all premises can be converted into housing: due to lack of lighting, minimum dimensions, steps, ventilation of the rooms… so, if you have in mind to buy one to convert it later into housing, you must make sure that the project is feasible by hiring an architect to conduct a feasibility study.

How much does a building permit cost

When you decide to apply insulating material to a property we establish a barrier to the passage of heat, cold or loud sounds, as the insulating panels are responsible for equalizing the temperature to feel comfort and neutralize external noise. But, you need the help of a

and in the field of construction and renovation of roofs, roofs and facades. As experts we are knowledgeable of all installation methods and we have the necessary equipment to do an efficient job. Our commitment is to be a serious, responsible company that offers a quality service for the welfare of our customers and their homes. If you want to hire our

white cork or porespan which is also used to protect any type of packaging. It is a synthetic material easy to handle and it is not necessary to use protection for its installation. Its composition is 95% polystyrene and 5% gas, and its density is from 10 to 25 kg/m3. generally, experts use this material, since its thermal conductivity ranges from 0.029 to 0.053 W/(mk). In addition, it is widely used because its structure is open and absorbs all moisture, preventing its early decomposition.

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