How expensive is a parachute?

How expensive is a parachute?

How much does a parachute cost in mexico

Understanding a little about the process and the basics you need to know before making your first jump will help you choose the right package and estimate the costs associated with a tandem jump.

During the tandem, you will wear a harness that will be attached to the front of the instructor’s parachute. Together, you will jump from 4000 meters altitude and at around 1500 meters the instructor will open the parachute and you can enjoy the flight with the parachute open for 5-7 minutes until landing!

At the beginning you may have doubts about which skydive package to choose, we will tell you the main options to consider when booking and the impact they have on the price of the jump.

Although low altitude jumps are cheaper, you have less freefall time. In the 3000 meters jump you have between 20-25 seconds of flight while at 4000 meters the time doubles and you will be able to fly between 50-60 seconds. And it shows: when you come down, you will have wished you had had more time to enjoy the freefall.

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After jumping off a bridge with your best friend, just because he’s your best friend, as your mother would reproach, it’s time to cross the next experience off your “Things to do before you die” list.

If it’s your first time in this free fall thing, Tandem Skydive is your thing. It’s a variation of solo skydiving in which we jump with an instructor who controls the entire jump and to whom we are attached by a harness. Therefore, beyond the technical specifications that are controlled by the professional, we only receive a quick lesson on safety aspects during the jump.

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These first jumps, which are made from a height of between 3000 and 5000 meters, can be equivalent to a little more than a minute of free fall at a speed of 250 km/h. The instructor opens the parachute at about 1500 meters and the flight can be extended up to 10 minutes before landing. And our question is:

If you are closer to Barcelona, a first parachute jump is not worth much more. The price is 229 euros per person, certainly in this case 30 € more. If you dare you can book your jump in Barcelona for the next few days or give it as a gift to someone who you know will like it.

How much does a parachute cost and where do I buy it?

All our instructors are internationally certified and extensively trained for tandem jumps and other skydiving disciplines. They all have years of experience and an impeccable safety record. Likewise, all of our equipment is state-of-the-art, manufactured with the newest technology and certified by the strict standards of the FAA (United States Federal Aviation Administration). All of our skydiving equipment systems are equipped with two parachutes (main and reserve) and state-of-the-art automatic opening devices (AAD) for your safety.

Our aircraft are specifically equipped for skydiving operations, maintained to the highest standards and inspected regularly. Our pilots are the most experienced skydivers in Central America. The aircraft we operate are Twin Otter 300 Series, Cessna Caravan 208B and Cessna Skylane 182, the most famous aircraft in the skydiving industry worldwide.

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It has a regular price of $3,200.00 but if you make your reservation through this website it has a preferential cost of $2,600.00 per person. Yes, you read that right! THE EXPERIENCE OF A LIFETIME IS ONLY $2,600.00.

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Parachute and Adrenaline Let your adrenaline flow in a parachute jump! Skydiving is the ultimate experience of flying and then hanging in the sky! The world famous way to jump from an airplane by parachute is to perform a tandem jump.

The tandem jump is a very high safety technique for freefall. The parachute opens 5 minutes before landing (approximately 1,600 meters above sea level), which allows you to cushion your fall and land as safely as if you were stepping out of your car.

The tandem jump (baptism) with instructor costs $6700. The activity includes a video filmed with a GoPro camera that the instructor carries in his hand. In addition, for a more personalized record, you can hire a separate cameraman to film and take pictures for $3100.