What are the five safety rules?

What are the five safety rules?


Electricity is one of the most widely used energies in our daily lives.    They provide support to industry as well as well-being in many daily activities. It is also a source of risks that must be known and foreseen.

– Grounding: When an indirect electrical contact occurs, grounding diverts a large part of the electric current that would otherwise pass through the worker’s body.

– All electrical equipment, tools, transformers or other equipment with a voltage higher than the safety voltage (24 volts) or lacking double insulation dielectric characteristics, shall be bonded or grounded and in any case shall be protected with a differential switch.

– It is strictly forbidden to disconnect machines, tools or any electrical equipment by pulling the cable. It must always be disconnected by taking the plug-connector and pulling it. In the industrial case, fixed cut-off switches must be provided.

What are safety standards and rules?

Safety Standards are control systems that aim to generate behavioral patterns based on the measures to be taken to prevent and control the risks inherent in a given process.

What are the 7 golden rules?

7 Golden Rules for Vision Zero

Golden Rule 2: Identify hazards: control risks. Golden Rule 3: Define objectives: develop programs. Golden Rule 4: Ensure a safe and healthy system: be well organized. … Golden Rule 7: Invest in people: motivate through participation.

What are safety standards for children?

It means taking the necessary precautions to make a place safe for children. Some items in the home can be dangerous for children. … Basic home safety measures serve to prevent injuries as your child explores his or her environment.

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If you have forklifts or dockers, they must be operated by authorized personnel and be part of the maintenance program. The load capacity must be visible.  Rule 3: Promote Order and Cleanliness Proper personal hygiene, cleanliness of uniforms and PPE, organization of objects and tools, and hand washing when necessary, are actions that reduce risks. Keeping the workplace tidy, not littering the floor, cleaning up spills if they occur, and keeping aisles and stairways clear will help maintain a safe and pleasant work space without increasing safety costs. Rule 4: Take care of the surfaces inside the plantSurfaces can cause falls, so it is important to verify that they are in good condition, without holes, loose tiles or obstacles for the passage of people or mechanical equipment such as forklifts.if there are processes where moisture is handled, it is necessary to install drains with the respective grids. Personnel must wear appropriate waterproof footwear.

Why is it important to comply with safety standards?

It is a feasible fact that safety regulations reduce the risk of accidents. Through these regulations, not only the worker is protected, but also the natural environment surrounding the facilities. Workers must be provided with all the instruments to ensure their well-being.

What are the basic safety rules at work?

Use protection as required for each job and that the glove material is correct for the activity. 4 Wear safety footwear. Wear appropriate footwear, since most accidents occur due to falls from heavy materials. 5 Wear earplugs.

What are the main rules of soccer?

Soccer is played with a round ball and two teams of 11 players each. The ball must enter the opposing team’s goal to score a goal. Whoever scores the most goals wins the game. If the result is an equal number of goals for each team, it is considered a tie.


Whatever you place in the cloud must be protected from day one. When you choose Amazon Web Services (AWS), you can rest assured that AWS protects your hardware, software, networks, and facilities. But you are responsible for protecting everything you put in the cloud, including the following:

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Security is a shared responsibility between you and AWS. So you must do your part. You can’t risk exposing or breaching sensitive data, so protecting and monitoring your AWS cloud environment is critical.

Always start with security. Once you know what you’re going to do with your AWS cloud environment, but before you add data or applications, implement appropriate security controls and a process that requires them to be in place.

There may be a lot of concern about securing things afterwards, as organizations often prioritize other business goals. However, unless you put security first, you run the risk of having your environments breached and suffering data loss and attacks from malicious actors, all before you’ve had a chance to implement adequate security controls.

What are the rules of handball?

The basic rule of handball comes from its name: all players must handle the ball using only their hands with the exception of the goalkeeper or goalie. The goalkeeper is the only player who can touch the ball with his feet and only within the area delimited for that purpose.

What are the 5 most important rules of volleyball?

The rules of volleyball in 1 minute

The ball must go over the net to count as a point. During the game the ball has to be hit continuously, it cannot be held or picked up by any player. The players of a team must prevent the ball from hitting the ground inside their court.

What are the most common fouls in handball?

Cannot: – Grabbing, pushing, taking the ball out of the hands, obstructing or endangering the opponent (with or without the ball), in any other way that is unlawful. Holding the ball for more than three seconds.

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Five golden rules of electrical safety

When it comes to safety, we pay special attention to people, their values and beliefs, their behavior and attitudes, in order to reduce accident levels in all our activities.

In safety, we go from 10 to zero. Ten are the basic safety rules that we apply in our day-to-day work to be safer and to avoid incidents involving people in the development of our activity. These rules are mandatory for all our employees and contractors, and are as follows:

We carry out our activities with operational discipline, by the people authorized and qualified to do so, complying with the plans and procedures defined for the activities and implementing corrective actions on time when deviations occur.

Raising awareness among all our contractors and suppliers is a fundamental pillar. We convey our safety culture to them, ensuring that contractors entering our facilities have the necessary safety training to perform their work. We share best practices and procedures with contractors and conduct awareness and sensitization talks.