Does hearing loss count as a disability?

Does hearing loss count as a disability?

Hearing Impairment Calculator

Deafness is an undoubted manifestation of disability, but how can you determine the degree of hearing impairment? We explain it in detail below, but remember that if you have a hearing problem, you should know that you can apply for your degree of disability. In this case, hearing impairment.

Before any bureaucratic request, the interested person must present specific documentation to prove what he or she is claiming. In the case of hearing disability, the person must present: a medical report of his or her lack of hearing, census card or certificate of census registration and ID card.

To find out if you have this type of disability, start by taking a hearing test to rule out any hearing problems. But if you are deaf or use hearing aids, you should know that you can apply for a disability certificate.

Table of hearing impairment

Infections, pressure changes in the middle ear or in the endolymph (inner ear fluid) caused by external causes, such as severe trauma, ingestion of ototoxic drugs, tumors, etc., can cause temporary hearing problems. They can be reversed by medication or disappear on their own.

Connexins are a family of proteins whose function is to establish communication bridges between cells. They are distributed throughout all tissues and organs and play a fundamental role in the functioning of the body. If these proteins suffer a mutation, diseases affecting the nervous, cardiovascular and auditory systems will occur.

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An abnormal function of connexin 26 is related to hearing loss of non-syndromic genetic origin. The supporting cells of the cochlea, which are essential for neurosensory transmission during hearing, are affected.

It affects low frequencies rather than high frequencies, which is why people with otosclerosis sometimes hear better in noisy environments. If left untreated, it can progressively worsen towards total deafness.

One-ear deafness pension

Hearing loss, when severe, may be grounds for permanent disability. The hearing loss must be significant, such that it prevents the patient from performing normal work activities. In any case, a diagnosis of hypoacusis does not in itself ensure that a permanent disability pension can be collected. The most frequent is that a total disability is granted, since the absolute and the great disability are very little or not at all common in the case of hypoacusis.

Such disability does not only consist in losing hearing, but also in having serious problems in communicating. In addition, when an absolute disability is granted for hypoacusis, in most cases other ailments such as vertigo have been proven.

Only the lack of hearing, even if it is very relevant, does not allow an affected person to receive this pension supplement. A severe disability due to hypoacusis requires the presence of other more serious ailments, which will be the ones that truly determine this degree.

This reduction is measured in decibels, in the four frequencies in which human communication usually takes place: 500, 1,000, 2,000 and 3,000 Hz. And the percentage of disability assigned will be combined with that corresponding to language, if any.

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Degree of disability due to hearing loss in one ear

One of the methods for diagnosing the degree and type of hearing loss in a person is audiometry, the purpose of which is to measure the hearing acuity of each ear in relation to the different sound frequencies. Thus, a person with deafness may have problems in the correct perception of sound intensity, which is measured in decibels (dB), or in the frequency of sounds related to spoken language, and may have different results for each ear. Depending on the degree of hearing loss, it can be mild (between 20 and 40 dB); moderate (between 41 and 70 dB); severe (between 71 and 90 dB) or profound (greater than 90 decibels).

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