What are floating aids?

What are floating aids?

Moreno and the agri-food sector unite to claim that the modernization aids

modernization aid, elimination of aid for the renewal and export of fishing vessels and the more attractive permanent capacity reduction scheme to have an impact on the sector.

and be geographically focused on the basis of economic and social cohesion policy criteria and could be mainly oriented to support the small and medium-sized enterprises located in areas most dependent on fishing activities.

The potential needs of inshore fisheries, but the imposition of European harmonization – control of fishing gear, data collection, a new Community initiative – is the path, I fear, towards restriction rather than growth.

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The flotation cushion combines the pressure dispersion capacity of liquids with the stability provided by a layer of open-cell polyurethane foam, resulting in an anti-decubitus cushion with a high level of prevention and stability. The cushion has a square profile and is supplied with a washable outer cover with two handles for easy positioning. A replacement cover (U215) is available for the flotation cushion. The covers are class M1 flame retardant and slip resistant.

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The swimming goggles offer UV protection, are easy to adjust thanks to the silicone strap and are comfortable to wear. In addition, the goggles have an anti-fog coating, so they always offer a good view. The swim cap is very robust and also very comfortable to wear.

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The BECO swimming discs can be optimally adapted to the weight and swimming ability of your child thanks to the click system. The set contains a total of 6 discs. The swimming discs are perfect for therapy or swimming lessons. In swimming lessons, the discs can be removed easily and quickly as your child progresses in swimming.


Personal buoyancy aids are the first survival items to be used in an emergency at sea, they are an important part of the immediate flotation phase. They are manufactured according to the type of use for which they are required. They can be SOLAS/IDS, ISO 12402, UL or other regulations that must be complied with according to the type of use. We offer certified buoyancy aids according to your needs.

We offer the most suitable vests for your needs, always complying with the national and international regulations in force, all sales are with factory warranty and we guarantee the annual regulatory service for those who need it.

Main equipment for immediate flotation in case of an accident that requires the abandonment of a boat at sea, to be used from calm waters, to choppy water and bad weather, according to SOLAS regulation, CHAPTER III, RULE 7.2 are mandatory use in quantities of one for each crew member or passenger on board any vessel, its characteristics are given in the INTERNATIONAL code of life saving devices (IDS), CHAPTER II, 2.2.1 and 2.2.2.